Michael Andrews

Ok, I found Michael.

The irony?  His name is James Deen, and he’s a porn star.  I am in serious lust.  I really like guys who don’t have 6-pack abs.  Normal, cute guys; no magic cocks needed.
There are no puppies in the Finding Home stories, but if there were:

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  1. Maybe a younger version of Liev Schreiber as Ryan? Check out his head shot at:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liev_Schreiber

    Of course, as a straight guy, I'm not very qualified to comment on this one. Women always seem to know when another women is sexy, but I am usually mystified by the actors / famous people that woman find irresistible. For example, I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that some (most?) women find Mick Jagger sexy.

    I *do* prefer manly men in my movies as opposed to the ubiquitous pretty boys that Hollywood seems to love so much. Sean Connery as Bond; not Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan (although Brosnan was a huge improvement over Moore). Liev Schreiber has been a favorite actor of mine ever since he stole the screen away from Ben Affleck in “The Hunt For Red October.” He should have been the star, not Ben. It's a shame that his career hasn't been better.


  2. I deleted my first comment for gross disregard of proper spelling that went uncorrected…

    Hmmm… Liev Schreiber is not quite what I was thinking…

    But I think I might have found him, and he was inmy thoughts all along… see my next post.

    I don't find Mick Jaegger that sexy either. (Sorry, Mick, if you're reading this!)


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