Ryan Benault

I have had some nominations for Ryan, but none met the description I needed:  tall, broad, with light-brown or sandy hair.  I will add:  clean-shaven (I hate 5-o’clock shadows when it’s 9 o’clock in the morning!), with CLEAN hair that is not too long, and a SMILE.  No brooding hunks thrusting their pelvises out, please.

Jared Padalecki

And the winner is…….

 OK, OK, I broke my own rules, I know.  He frequently has a 5 o’clock shadow, and his hair could use a wash, but that’s nothin’ that a toss in the shower with a razor can’t fix.

I’m having visions of him leaning over Liz in Chapter 3 of Odyssey (or Ch. 4 – can’t remember and too lazy to look it up) teasing her without letting her come for almost an hour….

Oh, yeah, he could do that to me any time.

I think I’ll take that cold shower now.  Excuse me.

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