Daniel Weiss

Slowly finding them all.

Danny Glover

I want the world I created to be multicultural without it being a big deal.  One of the problems I came across is that it is often hard to describe someone enough to get a picture without using terms that would not be present in my/their world.  So I can’t say “African-American” to describe Daniel.  I want readers to understand that it is a matter of fact that the Head of a province might be “black”, and that he might choose a “white” heir, and that a “white” head might choose a “black” heir and no one thinks anything of it.  I can use colors, or descriptive words, but sometimes those run perilously close to what some folks consider offensive, according to some writing sites I’ve done research on. How do you describe a person whose looks are those of someone who has roots in Asia, when there is no Asia?  Or the Middle East?  “Exotic?”  No, I don’t think so. How to describe the lovely light brown skin and facial features of hispanics?  I haven’t a clue.   I even ran into trouble with Michael – I wanted an image of him to be very Irish – black curly hair, bright blue eyes, fair skin – but no Ireland, no Irish.

The result was that I have mostly Caucasian folks, with a smattering of folks (Daniel, Ann, and Jessie) whose skin color I described as “chocolate” and “ebony” and “dark”.  Not very descriptive or original.  I can refer to a group of people as having “all varieties of skin tones”, and “eyes of many different shapes”, etc., but getting across an individual description is tough.  And without any descriptions, my/their world is going to have much less variety than our world. has.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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