Map of Meridia and the Eight Provinces

Since I have a major case of writer’s block, I’ve been passing the time doing some world-building.  Literally.  Click on the picture to see the small print better.

Meridia and the Eight Provinces

7 thoughts on “Map of Meridia and the Eight Provinces

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  1. This is good; it makes the setting of the story, and various military skirmishes, much clearer.

    Which province has all the vineyards? PLEASE let it not be Edwal, even though the geography looks perfect (mountains sloping down to a sea-breeze plain). The coast of Orre and Alaine looks perfect for olive trees. I mention this because of a (possibly apocryphal) quote from Thucydides: “The peoples of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate the olive and the vine.”

    Since the people of this world have an ancient myth about the earth goddess Tella, why not name the land Tellaria?


  2. Meridia it is. I will banish “Tellaria” from memory.

    Mickeymouse113, you missed the real spoiler. Kisker had a blog update that YOU TOTALLY MISSED where she revealed that it is Liz, not Jenny, who winds up blowing the mothership to smithereens during the alien invasion scene. She took the blog post down almost immediately after posting it, though.

    Too bad you missed it. It was awesome.

    (Grins evilly).


  3. Baron, I admit, I totally forgot about “Tellaria” – but Tella and Helios is just one myth, not an important part of a dominant religion. Kind of like a myth of Athena or Zeus would be for us modern-day western folks.

    The spaceships!! I gotta work on the spaceships sequence. It's really thin. Better add in some ray-guns and sonic booms, and there aren't enough tentacles on the aliens….. (walks away muttering to herself…….)


  4. Major un-spoiler alert! This map was made long before I re-did book 3. Many things have changed. Do not believe that what is shown on the map is actually what happened! I just don't have access to my scanner right now to fix the original and re-scan it. Put a little virtual white-out over the parts mentioning Dylan Palm.


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