Chapter 1 update

Chapter 1 is back from the editor and I’ll send it onto my betas in the next couple of days after a few changes (I have three betas, lucky woman that I am!  Two other writers and a gentleman who has been an immense help to me.)  It’s a long one, too, but there was just a lot to say.  And lots of sex, too!  Hope folks like it.  I’ll put a notice here and on my Literotica profile when I submit it.

And…. I’m so excited!  I may be going to the RTBooklover’s Convention in New Orleans in May 2014. Sooo many great workshops, and if I ever decide to really truly publish, I have a lot of learning and polishing to do.

Anyhow, real life is calling – a very long “honey-do” list today – and unfortunately, I’m the “honey” that has to “do”!


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