Overcoming Writing Challenges

After seeing how Cara Bristol published notes from the RT Convention in New Orleans last week, I thought I would post some of my own, especially for those who couldn’t get to every session (like me!).  So here are notes I took from several sessions:

The Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Challenges
  1. Write what you love. It is the ONLY thing you can control absolutely about writing and publishing.
  2. Set a big goal – and then set smaller goals to get there, but don’t try to accomplish each goal so fast that you out-write the “boys in the basement” (Stephen King) – the dark scary things in your mind that are cooking up new ideas. Let the ideas develop as they need to.
  3. Whatever you are doing now, try to do a little more, whether it is time or word-count.
  4. “Shiny object syndrome” – usually hits about chapter 3-6 – mind wanders, a thought about another book pops up; hard to concentrate on the one you are doing. Stop, write notes, maybe take a few days if you need to to get it out of your system, then go back. The harder you try to resist the worse it will be.
  5. Do some work (editing) before you play (write, or think about shiny objects).
  6. When things happen outside your control, don’t give up.
    • markets change
    • editors leave
    • life happens
  1. When things get tough, keep your eyes on the prize. Sit in front of the computer for 15 minutes even if you just move the mouse around.
  2. Make the hard decisions and don’t look back.
    • Walk away if things don’t seem right.
    • There will be other offers and agents
  1. Take chances
    • write new things
    • keep a journal of ideas
    • don’t be afraid of writing something bad
  1. Celebrate achievements and successes
    • only other writers understand what you have done
    • keep a “happy thoughts” file
    • remember that it is easier to remember the bad than the good.
  1. Never give up. Believe in your book.
  2. Never mind the naysayers – and they may be in your own circle of family and friends.
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