Creating Covers

Creating covers – Carole Nelson Douglas

Your book cover is your face
Your name should be as big or bigger than your title. People are buying your name.
Remember that if it is an e-book, the thumbnail will make it hard to see small images. Keep it clean and with contrast. Don’t use fancy scripts or shadowing that make the reader pause to decipher the title or they will pass on by. – free downloadable fonts – read licenses carefully because some are not OK for commercial use.
Flourishes or Glyphs – little ornaments and figures that unify books – use on the fronts, then inside to break up chapters and scenes – often $5 or so but can help brand a novel.
Photoshop Elements – easier version of Photoshop – easier for amateur but has everything to create cover.
Places to get images:
Specific to romance novels:
Custom and stock images:
*check all images for use restrictions. Some have royalties (fee per book sold), some have license fees (one-time fee) some have restrictions on using them for book covers vs. t-shirts or swag. You want an unlimited license.
Research Copyright on any images created by anyone else! Different rules apply to creations after 1922 vs. before 1922.

Tomorrow:  Some brief notes in indie publishing

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