Brief notes on Indie Publishing

More notes from the RT Convention in New Orleans.  These notes are really really brief because an extensive handout was given and I can’t reproduce that without permission (and a scanner, which I don’t have right now anyway).  Consider these “extra food for thought” to the whole subject, which is extensive.

Independent publishing
Types of editors:
  • developmental – structure, plot, outline – work by word or by hour – $400-800
  • line – thinks of better words, tighten sentences, catch inconsistancies
  • copy – grammar, punctuation – cheaper
  • proofreader – final check before submitting – cheaper
Every publisher has different requirements for formatting
Sites that will do the formatting for yoou for a fee:
  • Legendmaker  – for MacOS only
  • Smashwords “aggregator” – 
    • will format and upload to multiple platforms. 
    • you have to opt out if you don’t want it to upload to certain platforms – (places you might not want to sell)
General advice r/t Kindle:
  • wait to start promoting your books until you have 2-3 books out
  • free books will get bad reviews (trolls) AND they will boost sales
ISBN number – the “social security number” of books. Different one for print and e-book even with same title. Can buy a block of 10 or 100 – 100 is about $500. The ISBN shows either the author or publisher. If you get together with other authors and form a “publisher” then you all can split the # between you.
Tomorrow:  Get Moving!

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