Vanilla Erotica

And the final notes for last week’s RT Writer’s Convention in New Orleans:

Vanilla Erotica
Use all the senses – touch, taste, smell
Use interesting objects – antique mirror, weaving loom
Use all the emotions
Have the characters do what gives them pleasure, not just what you think the audience would like
Even vanilla erotica has some sort of power exchange to it.
Be spontaneous
  • sex in unusual places
  • orgasm denial
  • tension
  • laughter
  • props are not always needed
Sex needs to push the story forward. If you could delete the sex and not change the story, then the sex is gratuitous
Check and double-check your positions of people having sex to make sure they are physically possible.

 Author Desiree Holt using Barbie and Ken dolls to check that the parts can all go where they are supposed to.

And that’s all from the convention!  See you next year in Dallas.  By then I hope to have the coveted “Published Author” tag on my badge.

2 thoughts on “Vanilla Erotica

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  1. I have every confidence that your “Published Author” badge will happen! You've already accomplished so many of the things covered by these convention notes. Thanks for posting them — they are very interesting reading!


  2. Good points made in this post.
    I like to have no two scenes alike in any story (else why do them?), and each scene is meant to factor in as a turning point/psychological change in the character. I agree with the comment that if the scene doesn't drive the plot forward, it doesn't need to be in there. If it's not doing anything for the characters beyond getting them off, then I say skip it. 🙂


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