It’s a masterpiece, I say! They will cheer every word, every letter!

-With apologies to the composer of “1776”-

It’s there. On paper. The part you’ve been struggling with for so long, or maybe not so long, but you are just damn proud of what you wrote. You polish it, you fix it to within an inch of its life, you save it, and you send it off to your editor.

And you wait.
And even when you know it will just be a few hours, or a day or two, because he is really good at getting back to you, and he DOES have a life after all, doesn’t mean you aren’t checking your email every 5 minutes until you see that email inbox counter bounce up by one.

LOL. Don’t you other authors get that way sometimes? I have no idea what the response time is for a professional editor, but I’m pretty sure it’s not “tonight”. I’m pretty sure it’s “next week” or “after this current project is finished.”

I want love and praise for this masterpiece and I want it right now!!

Am I alone? I doubt it.

Am I an impatient bitch? Yeah. I don’t doubt that 

Baron, dear Baron – I love you and your editing.  Ignore me.  I’ll be fine.   Two fingernails down, but I still have eight left.  I’ll just post some stuff on my blog and my Facebook page in the meantime.

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