Writer’s Challenge (Lucky 7’s)

There’s a challenge going around right now that I came across on the blog “One-handed Writers”, issued by author Cerys du Lys.  I have to say I love the blog’s tagline –

 “Changing the World, One Orgasm at a Time”

 Anyhow, in your manuscript,

    1.  find page 77
    2.  find line 7
    3.  post the next 7 sentences

      (or, if your manuscript is not that long, do page 7, line 7).

      Here’s mine, from Odyssey:Finding Home Book 1

      “And I…..?”

      “Will be moved to Newford, to Chairman Weiss’s estate, to serve a term of not less than two years.”

      “As a slave?

      “As a slave.”

      “Why? Why me?”

      “I don’t know. I wish I did, and all I can say is I’m sorry….” His voice trailed off.  The sound of a truck engine starting caused her to whirl around and look through the window in time to see eighteen astonished women being driven away, towards home.

       (I may have cheated a little because it’s technically nine sentences, but hardly anyone reads this blog.  Right?)

      Let me know if anyone reads this and follows through on their blog!

      2 thoughts on “Writer’s Challenge (Lucky 7’s)

      Add yours

      1. Fun stuff! When you are a famous best-seller, critics will pore over this blog for hidden secrets. Better get that Photoshop ready of Liz crossing the street in front of Abbey Road studios in bare feet!



      2. “Fun Stuff” is exactly what I just said! I totally tried it out on my blog, even when I should be hitting the hay already, dagnabbit! It was interesting, because a scene change/head-hop happened in the middle of my 7 sentences. 🙂 Thanks for posting this.


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