Just what I needed

Sometimes I wonder if anyone will really truly like my stuff. I’m sure all authors go through that, even ones with loads of books out there. But then along comes something that makes me glad I write, even if I never sell a book. This is an email from a Literotica reader that I received today:

 “I’ve just spent a perfectly delightful afternoon in your “Finding Home” world despite the fact that I’m often pretty squicked by BDSM. Your excellent story not only made it rather easy to get past that, but worth it. And more than that, there’s a lot of very valuable commentary in there about the tension most women feel between the need to be submissive nurturers and the need to stand strong with the world. Thank you so much and I hope you’ll be writing some more soon. “

With encouragement like that, you bet your britches I will. Thank you, anonymous commenter. You made my day.

One thought on “Just what I needed

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  1. It's me again.
    Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm glad you didn't give up.
    Picked up the first book from Amazon today and the changes are all improvements! Can't wait to see the second one.


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