Blissful Agony or Agonizing Bliss? on WIP It Up Wednesday

My very first WIP (Work in Progress) It Up Wednesday! Thanks to Melody Parks  for the chance to show off a bit.

Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming book Odyssey: Finding Home Book One, due out in late fall. In this alternate reality, Ryan, the slave trainer, has Liz, a hostage slave, restrained on a table and has been keeping her on the edge of an orgasm for almost an hour, showing her that being a slave is not always about pain and suffering.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
The buzzing of the vibrator on her clit rocketed her up ten times faster than his finger had; she felt herself being propelled to the edge so fast she thought going over was inevitable, but as usual he read her so closely he pulled her back. Resigned at last to what was happening, she closed her eyes and tried to calm her breathing and just sink into the sensations she was having, without hoping for more.
He saw her calm herself, finally submitting to his torment, though her body was still jerking unconsciously. Her begging had stopped, replaced by little moans of pleasure. He smiled. It had taken her longer to get here than most women he had trained, but he was not surprised, considering her strong will and even stronger desire to control her own pleasure.
“Good, that’s good. Ride along, let yourself enjoy what you’re feeling now without wanting more. OK. I want you to open your eyes and look at me while we do this.”
It took a minute for her to focus on him. “Yes, keep looking at me. Your eyes are windows into your mind, into your soul. When your eyes are closed, you are focused on what is happening to you. The sensations are all about your feelings: your pleasure or your agony. But the point of this is for my pleasure. That distress, that longing, that agony that you are feeling – they belong to me, and I want to see them in your eyes. I don’t want you to just beg for what you want, I want you to beg me for what you want, and I want to feel your joy when I say yes, and feel your misery when I say no.”
She locked eyes on him as she suffered, offering up her moans and gasps and little cries to him like sacrifices in a temple. She understood immediately what he was saying, and the pleasure she was handing him was obvious. And strangely, that pleased her.
He continued for another ten minutes, reminding her from time to time to to keep looking at him when he saw her start to lose focus. He let her down slowly. He finally gave her permission to close her eyes and she sank into herself for a minute, saying nothing, waiting, still wrapped in a cocoon of complete submission.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Liz Peltier is looking forward to life after college, but when the repressive province she lives in makes the mistake of attacking another, Liz is taken as a slave in an old custom that terrifies this thoroughly modern woman.  Forced to serve in the home of the victorious leader for next two years, she must come to terms with a new life of domination and submission, of pleasure and punishment.  What makes it more confusing is that she begins to see that her captors are not the bad guys after all – especially her trainer, Ryan Benault.  When her future is turned upside down again, Liz must take a hard look inside herself and decide where she will find her family and her home.
Odyssey: Finding Home Book 1 is due to be published this fall, to be followed shortly after by Sanctuary (Book 2) and Refiner’s Fire (Book 3).  Come join the journey as Liz struggles to figure out who she is and who will hold her heart.



  1. Sophie welcome to #wipitup Wednesday I am delighted to meet you. And I've noticed we have much in common such as starting out on Lit and then moving to become published. Finding Home sounds like a very interesting and intriguing trilogy, I'm looking forward to your publications.

    Your excerpt focused on orgasm denial for his pleasure… you touched on a key element of Dominance and submission and brought out what so many of us miss when we close our eyes focusing on 'getting there' for our own gratifications. There is a fine art in learning how to let go of that focus on self and find a deeper pleasure in knowing its not for me, but rather, for him. I'm looking forward to see more of how you develop this story and wish you the best in your publications. Thank you for joining us today and I really, really, really, hope you come back often and share not only your excerpts but your success as well. You're off to a beautiful start. ☺


  2. Thanks to all of you! I am sorry I didn't reply sooner…I had to run out the door to catch a plane because of a family emergency that morning and just got home last night. I hope to do better replying and reading all the other blogs this week! Many thanks again,


  3. Looking forward to publication of your Literotica books and … much more eagerly to new work. I anticipate you have a few in the pipeline, please?
    PS Totally forgot my reason for a comment. Whatever that family situation was, my hope is that it is getting better or resolved. Jon


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