Update on the books:

I can’t believe how writing can take over your life.  I know other authors struggle with the same thing.  I’m sitting in the peace and quiet of the house, looking out at the October colors – through the dirty windows that really need to be cleaned before it’s too cold to clean and the smears stay until spring.  I’m not interested in eating – I’m too caught up in writing – which is good because there isn’t a single clean dish in the house right now.

I know.  Author problems.  Not real ones.  🙂

Anyhow, Odyssey needed so many revisions it took all summer to finish.  It’s a much better book now – the characters cleaner, the situations more understandable, and few more salacious bits thrown in for good measure. 😉  I have sent it to Baron to be edited, and once he’s through and I fix the bits he’s found, it’s off to beta readers.  I’ve had six people offer!!!  I am truly honored.  I a few like it enough  to read books 2 and 3 for me as well.

Sanctuary, for those who may remember, was written in alternating first and third person.  I really loved it that way, but the other books are all third person so I needed to make it fit.  It took about 2 weeks to change all the “I”s to “she”s and “me”s to “her”s but that’s done.  I’m currently going through to smooth passages, edit points of view, clarify, etc. but it should be ready to send to my editor Baron by the first of November. 

Refiner’s Fire was pretty good the way it was when it went up on Literotica, mostly because I’d had a lot of help by then, so it should need minimal editing.

This timeline, of course, is subject to change depending on what my editor can handle; he has a real life and a real (paid) job and can’t pay attention to me 24/7 😦 

So I’m putting my feet to the fire right now.  I haven’t actually decided until this moment what my publishing goals are.  Odyssey will be back from the betas around Thanksgiving, so it will be ready to go by Dec. 1.  I think Sanctuary will be ready by Christmas.  And that means I hope Refiner’s Fire will be out by the middle of January.

Wow!  It’s so cool to have dates like that!  From a dream I had three years ago, to a published trilogy….  amazing. 

I owe it to all of you who have encouraged me and helped me and inspired me.  Authors don’t work in a vacuum; I’m coming to understand that more each day.

Perhaps I owe it all to my husband more than anyone.  Love you, dear!  I know we have some paper plates somewhere…….

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  1. I went to a presentation by 3 female authors of fantasy books for YA. (a. I have a daughter; and b. I was curious.) They made a couple of points: Their first books took forever and many drafts. One woman, the most well-known to the YAs of the 3, described starting her lead book in 2003. It was published in 2011. The second point: None of them had any wish to read, or even see, their books after they went to print. Not only were they sick of them but they were deeply into new writing.

    I took away two ideas: First, take time. Second, have new writing projects to work on during the editing process.

    The third idea is simple: Keep breathing. You can do this.

    You probably recognize the name of Anne McCaffrey, a very popular SciFi/Romance writer with huge sales. I haven't read anything of hers for reasons I don't remember. Audible offered a low price on one of her novels and I went to read some of the reader reviews. You will see that I am not the only reader who notices words. Here is part of what I found in the very first – the “most helpful” according to Audible — review:

    “the dialogue of the main character, Christine Bjornsen, especially her inner dialogue, is less than stellar, and occasionally, it even gets a little repetitive. For instance, for the first half or more of the story, every time she finds herself attracted to the Catteni character, Zeinal, we hear her inner voice telling herself “Down girl!” Every. Time. Another annoying distraction was that it seemed like 80% of all dialog was accompanied by grins. Yes, these characters are tough, can-do types – courageous and unsinkable in the horrible situation in which they'd been placed. But too much grinning.”

    Try to make sure your betas and Baron pick up on repetitive words.


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