The Fourteen Rules

I got to the point in Sanctuary where Jenny had to learn the Fourteen Rules (and that was a disaster!) and I couldn’t find them in my earlier writings.  I’m not actually listing them in the story – there’s no need – but I thought I’d post them here.   Any comments on them are welcome, especially if there’s something I forgot.

Remember – every one of these slaves are here voluntarily.  They signed a contract. No non-con (at least in this story!)

The Fourteen Rules 
for Slaves at the Weiss Estate

1. My body and my mind are the property first of my Master, Daniel Weiss, next, of the Master who is in charge of me at the moment, and third any person either of them designates, male or female.

2. I will trust my Masters.

3. I will never say anything that shows disrespect towards any other person: Master, free, or slave.

4. My cunt, my ass, my breasts, and my mouth do not belong to me. They can be used by anyone who has permission.

5. I am not permitted to touch my cunt or breasts at any time in a way that will bring arousal.

6. I am never allowed to orgasm without the explicit consent of a Master. Any intentional or careless violation of this rule will result in immediate punishment.

7. I will accept any punishments or disciplines that come my way without questioning.

8. I am responsible for telling my Master about my wrongdoing if he is unaware. If I do not, punishment will be doubled.

9. Taking anything that I do not have permission to have is stealing.

10. Being anywhere I am not supposed to be, or attempting to leave any place without permission is considered escaping.

11. I will always stand or kneel in the presence of my Masters.

12. I will always wait for permission to speak.

13. Hesitating or refusing to carry out an instruction is considered willful disobedience. If I am confused about what to do, I may say “clarify”. If I am confused about why to do it, I will do it anyway.

14. The word “safety” is the only word that will stop anything. It can only be used when the safety of the slave is in peril. Any other use of it will constitute willful disobedience.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
They seem like reasonable rules, right?


  1. Your Literotica readers really pushed back on the same subject of the masters' responsibilities, their failings and the consequences for them when they made mistakes. In the end, you convinced us you knew what you were doing to the women … and to the readers. Me, certainly.

    However, without the release valve of being able to communicate with the author, some of the chapters would have been very hard to take. The thoughtfulness of many of the commentators – and your willingness to interact – became one of the best features of the books. We knew you knew you had an audience and that you cared. In the end the unbearable agony of the women would not be wasted.

    I don't know if there is anyway to provide the same – reassurance? — to your future ebook readers. I'm forever amazed at the creativeness of authors. Perhaps you can find a way to bring a bit of that into them, albeit without spoilers.

    Jon Abb…

    PS As to the rules, They are horrifying in the way you do well. Wasn't there something in a rule about each slave having to rat out others who broke rules?
    I don't think collective punishment (if one breaks certain rules, all get punished) was in a rule. Rather, you had it in certain circumstances, such as each girl training a new girl?


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