What’s in a Name? More than I Realized

I’m changing the title of Book 3

A brief background: Before a sword can be made, the metal must be purified (often by fire) to remove anything that might weaken it. This same idea is also used to describe the trials that someone endures that in the end make her or him a better person.
I love the name of my third book – Refiner’s Fire. Unfortunately, when I looked a little closer at the specific term “Refiner’s Fire” it seems that it is a very Judeo/Christian term. There is a verse in the Old Testament – the book of Malachi – that refers to God as “the refiner’s fire”. I can’t find any reference to a “refiner’s fire” other than that one.
My world is specifically designed to be hazy on the subject of a religion, apart from a few creation myths that are relevant to the story, and so I have come to the conclusion that I need to change the title. It’s not a big deal – I’m simply changing it to “Refining Fire.” That term has a specific definition related to the purifying of metals, and is more consistent with the secular nature of the Finding Home Series. 
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