Love Our Lurkers Day!

Not only is today WIP it up Wednesday (see previous post) but it is Love Our Lurkers day! I’d only heard about this briefly before now and never participated. It is a tradition, now in its 9th year, for bloggers to make a call to those who read but never say anything to stop in to say a quick “hello” (or you can say more!) and to let you know that even though you are silent, we know you are there and we love you!

The tradition was started by Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts, a wonderful blog that celebrated the many different perspectives of the spanking community for years. She hosted the LOL blog hop for 8 years and now the torch has been picked up by Hermione of Hermione’s Heart.  Please visit over there and see the amazing number of bloggers who live and write about the spanking in their lives.

Back over here on my own small page, I look at my stats which say I only have one follower, but so far this morning there have been 39 page views, so somebody is reading out there! Please please say a quick “hi” and let me know that I am not alone…It’s the reason I keep blogging.
I love my readers!!

4 thoughts on “Love Our Lurkers Day!

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  1. Not quite a lurker, as I've commented to you before, for example about the rules. Glad you are participating in LOL and I look forward to your publication. Hermione is amazing.

    I didn't sign up to “follow” because, as a guy, and even now I'm in my 60's, I'm always sensitive to women feeling stalked. I just want to be a fan.

    I enjoy proofing (for free) for another author in the genre. It is the difference between being a soccer Dad and a linesman. One passively watches while the other sees every play.


  2. I wish I could promise to have something new every week for you; alas, I find that time even to write the story is sadly scarce. I hope you will keep checking, though. Thanks so much for saying “hi”.


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