WIP It Up Wednesday – Liz is Inspected

Welcome to my WIP It Up Wednesday post!

First, an apology to the other WIP It Up contributors.  The one time I participated, back in September, I was pulled away the same day for a family emergency and was not able to read and comment on anyone else’s works. I look forward to repaying your kindnesses this time. 
~ ~ ~  

Background: Liz has been chosen by lottery to become a slave for two years in the household of Chairman Daniel Weiss, after the leader of her province unjustly attacked his.  This is the evening she arrives, during her “inspection.”

“Liz, open your eyes, please.” Master Michael’s voice was directly in front of her.

She forced them open to look into his. He smiled another brief but surprisingly warm smile at her.

“Have you been sexually active?”

It took her a moment to form the words that would reveal her most intimate secrets to a total stranger. “A couple of times, Sir. Not a lot.”

“Women in Edwal feel some pressure to constrain their sex lives, don’t they?”

“Um, yes, I guess so, Sir.” She was starting to understand that women in Alaine didn’t seem to have those restraints.

“Any pain with sex?”

“Not after the first time, Sir.”


She turned a deep red and shuddered. “Sir, please, no matter how careful we were trying, it has always been excruciatingly painful. Even for something really small.” She hadn’t thought of that. The panic started to well up inside of her. She blurted out. “Please, you have to believe me. Please, don’t do that one to me,” she begged.

He looked at her quietly without answering and after a minute, she took a breath and dropped her eyes again. It didn’t matter what she wanted, did it? They’d do it anyway.

“Oral?” he resumed.

“A few times,” she whispered.

“Are you good at it?”

“Um, I don’t know. They never complained.” Her tears dripped unchecked onto the carpet.

“Another woman?”

“No, Sir.”

“Did you own a vibrator or a dildo?”

It took her a full minute of absolute silence before she could answer.

“A vibrator…,” she admitted.

“How often did you use it?”

He was not going to allow her any privacy at all. “A couple of times a week.”

He had to strain forward to hear her. “How often did you have orgasms with it?”


“Are you orgasmic with intercourse?”

Again it took a moment. “Well, only if…” She couldn’t bring herself to say it.

“Learn to say it out loud.”

She took a deep breath and got it out in a rush. “Only if I get rubbed at the same time. Otherwise he can bang me all day and nothing would happen. Sir.”

Michael coughed and tried unsuccessfully to hide his smile. He cleared his throat. “Nipple clamps?”

“Never.” She shuddered.

“Punishment, whipping?”

She looked him in the eye at that one. “Not until I was taken hostage, Sir.” She couldn’t resist the jab.

His mouth quirked up in the corner. “Restraints?”

She hesitated and was going to say no but he caught it.

“Tell us.”

She couldn’t look him in the eyes any more. After a moment she said softly, “My boyfriends never wanted to try.”

“Did you?”

She stared at the floor, noticing the pattern in the grain of the carpet for the first time, and she refused to answer.


No. They could ask, they could demand, they could threaten, but there was a secret part of her that she would never give up to these men.

 ~ ~ ~

Though Liz did not choose this fate for herself, she must face the growing realization that her deepest fulfillment comes when she is on her knees.

Should she fight her feelings, or choose to embrace them?

Come follow Liz on her odyssey – from fear to love, and from heartache to home.

Thanks so much for reading my excerpt! 

Odyssey: Finding Home Book 1 will be available on Amazon the end of November. If you’d like to receive a reminder when it comes out, feel free to sign up to receive my blog posts (over there on the right –> ) or just drop me an email at SophieKisker at gmail dot com and put the word “Odyssey” in the subject line. I promise not to keep your email address unless you want me to!

Odyssey will be followed shortly after by Sanctuary (Book 2) and Refining Fire (Book 3).

                                                                         ~ ~ ~


15 thoughts on “WIP It Up Wednesday – Liz is Inspected

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  1. Welcome back to #Wipitup Sophie. I hope your family is doing well.
    I love where this story is going. The line about his banging her all day and nothing would happen had me in peels of laughter.
    Looking forward to more about Liz, who these men are and all that she goes through at their mercy. ☺


  2. Thank you – The family is doing fine, now… until the next crisis 😉 And regarding Liz – since statistics say that only 30% of women become orgasmic with penetration alone, I figure the other 70% of us who need more stimulation deserve to be represented!


  3. Sophie! Hey – fancy meeting you here! 🙂

    I love this snippet! (BTW – I owe you feedback. Will get it to you today/tomorrow at the latest! It's been a bit insane in my part of the world, and if someone gives me a deadline, I'm not one of those people that'll be way ahead of it. I'm very much a last-minute person, unfortunately.)


  4. Cool! It might not be out the 21st after all – since I wrote this post, a couple of things have changed and it might be the week of Thanksgiving. I'll make an announcement. And since it's my first book, I'll probably announce it pretty much everywhere! Thanks so much for stopping by.


  5. I really enjoyed this. She makes me feel odd about being so open about my sexuality. All of those questions I would have answered without hesitation and dared someone to question me. LOL!! Timid I am not, but I love stories about such woman, especially when we see them grow into themselves. Looking forward to reading more. 🙂


  6. Jennifer – the province where Liz comes from is not as open about sex as this province is. Part of Liz's journey will be to overcome her inhibitions and learn to embrace all varieties of sexual expression. Thanks for stopping by!


  7. Such an emotional-filled snippet, Sophie 🙂 glad you took part again. I empathize on not commenting. It's 7pm my time and I'm just getting to reading and commenting because I've been feeling ill and napped today


  8. So happy to see this awesome excerpt! I am so excited for you my dear friend! Your big day is almost here and I can't wait for the rest of the world to love Liz, Ryan, Michael and Jenny like I do.


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