Saturday Spanks: Liz’s First Punishment

My thanks to Melody Parks for letting me participate in this weekly tradition!

Here’s the story:  Liz has arrived at the estate where she will spend the next two years as a hostage slave. 

~ ~ ~

“There’s just one more thing. You earned two punishments on the trip up.”

She gaped at him. The punishments. She had forgotten them.

All at once her resolve crumbled. “Please, Sir, please don’t, I’m sorry, I can’t do this, please, don’t do this…” She was finally falling into the panic she had been holding off all evening. She struggled to get to her feet, to get out of here; she planned to run until she got home, or at least anywhere but here. Ryan caught her as she stumbled and she fought him as best she could without the use of her hands. She twisted and yelled and struggled and he kept his powerful arms wrapped around her until she had exhausted herself and hung gasping and whimpering in his arms.

He picked her up like a doll and walked over to a chair, pulling her into his lap and cradling her in his chest. He could tell that she didn’t want his comfort but she was too tired to fight him. When she had calmed her breathing a bit, he carefully turned her over, her head hanging down over his left leg, her chest and hips supported by his right, and her legs hanging down to the floor. Her bound hands were quickly pinned to the small of her back with his firm left hand.

He spent a few minutes stroking her back and her smooth, unblemished ass with firm but gentle strokes, feeling her relax her in spite of her fear. His fingers strayed between her legs and he enjoyed hearing her groan and gasp.

She felt her arousal return like a tidal wave as the other men in the room faded away from her consciousness. She actually reveled in the warmth and strength of his hands straying over her sensitive skin. She was scarcely aware when his touches changed into gentle taps, then slaps that did nothing more than wake up her skin. She groaned again and to her shame she felt herself lifting her hips up to meet his hands.

The slaps grew more insistent, warmth spreading across her
bottom. Soon they started to have some sting to them, but somehow it only added to the whole wonderful cacophony of sensation she was experiencing. Inside her head she was confused – how could she be reacting like this when this was supposed to be a punishment?


She dragged herself back up to the surface of consciousness. “Master?” she remembered to say.

“Tell me why you are being spanked.”

A tiny spark of fear pricked at her languid mind.


He slapped her ass firmly and the languor disappeared. She remembered why she was over his lap. “This isn’t fair! I didn’t actually say a swear word!”

Another firm slap made her squeal and struggle.

“You mouthed it.”

“But you said I couldn’t say swear words out loud! You didn’t say I couldn’t say them quietly!”

Another, harder slap.

“Ow! Sir, please!”

“Liz, you’re an intelligent woman. Don’t play games with me and don’t split hairs. Did I tell you that profanity was not allowed?”

“Yes!” Slap. “Ow! Yes, Sir!”

“Did you swear?”

She realized she had nothing to gain by fighting any longer. “Yes, Sir,” she said quietly.

“Thank you.”

Abruptly the spanks started raining down with real force. She had to focus on breathing, trying to relax. She was whimpering and wiggling. He had her pinned down so tightly she could barely squirm, which made her feel trapped and caused her to struggle more. Her whimpers became cries as the pain continued to build. She soon started begging and pleading and frantically trying to get away, but he just kept crashing his palm down over and over until there was nothing in her world but pain.

She hardly noticed when the blows got softer and then changed back to caresses across her stinging reddened cheeks. She continued crying for another several minutes as he soothed her and rubbed her back and shoulders until she was calm again.

“Tell me again why I punished you.”

“I swore,” she whispered. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Now the best thing about a punishment is that once it is over, it’s forgotten. You get to try again with a clean slate.”

“Th..thank you, Sir.”

~ ~ ~

When the repressive province Liz Peltier lives in makes the mistake of attacking another, Liz is taken as a captive in an old custom that terrifies this thoroughly modern young woman. Forced to serve in the home of the victorious leader for next two years, she must come to terms with a new life of domination and submission, of pleasure and punishment. What makes it more confusing is that she begins to see that her captors might not be the bad guys after all – especially the trainer, Master Ryan. When her future is turned upside down once again, Liz must take a hard look inside herself and decide where she will find her family and her home.

An Odyssey of Submission: Finding Home Book 1 will be published in late November, to be followed shortly after by A Sanctuary From Peril (Book 2) and Refining Fire (Book 3). Come join the journey as Liz struggles to figure out who she is and who will hold her heart.

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