An Odyssey of Submission available on Amazon!

It’s here.  I’m pinching myself. An Odyssey of Submission is finally here, on Amazon.

It’s been a long journey.  Two and a half years ago I started writing a fantasy that I had – what if the only way to hide from someone who was trying to kill you was to agree to be a slave – a real slave – until it was safe to come out again?  Knowing it could be years before that happened?  To be a free woman who bowed before the king and gave up every choice you have?

In my fantasy, there were deserts and harems and glittering jewels, of course.

So I wrote the story of Jenny, who was forced to do just that.  And in Jenny’s story there was a woman named Liz who was also a slave – who had been a slave for a while and made the choice to be that way, at least after a while.

I got so intrigued by how Liz became a slave that I wrote her story, too – a “prequel” if you will.  And that was “An Odyssey of Submission.”

Then I took the plunge and started posting the stories on  Now, Lit is certainly a large pool of a lot of less-than-savory writing.  But it’s also a place where an author can get some good feedback when she’s starting out, and learn to grow a backbone when the “trolls” start calling her names and telling her what a horrible writer she is and how can she condone violence against women (and why then are you reading in the non-consent section, hmm?).

I met my editor there, and made friends with two other writers – Livia Grant, who wrote “Wanting It All” (link on Amazon), and Myra Danvers, who WILL publish eventually if I have to twist her arm painfully to do it, and others who have become real-life friends.

So over the space of a year I posted each chapter of “Odyssey”, “Sanctuary”, and the final book “Refiner’s Fire”.  I received a lot of attention (most of it good!), wound up in the Top 20 Hall of Fame (for BDSM) with 4 chapters, and started thinking of grander ideas.

So that brings us to today.  Check out the book – it’s a steal at 99 cents (or free with Kindle Unlimited)!  Why is it that cheap?  No one knows who I am yet.  I want people to take a chance on me without feeling like they’ve lost a lot of money if they don’t like it.

At least download the sample (which is almost 50 pages!)  You have nothing to lose!

~ ~ ~

What would you do it you were torn away from your home, chosen by lottery to become a public symbol of the defeat of your people? To be put on display as a symbol of the power of your enemy? 

Liz Peltier becomes a pawn in an old political game that tears her world apart. Forced to serve for the next several years on the estate of her captors, she struggles to accept her new life – a life of domination and submission, of pleasure and pain.

But when she starts to see that her captors may not be the bad guys after all, she grows to realize that her deepest fulfillment comes when she is on her knees.

Liz must ultimately choose to fight these feeling or embrace them. Come along on Liz’s Odyssey from fear to love, and from heartache to home.

~ ~ ~

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  1. Thanks for all your friendship and help and support! You made your goal from NOLA times 3! or 4? I can't remember the dates for your next books to be out. Anyhow, now we just have to concentrate on Myra.


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