Jenny’s First Punishment As A Slave

Hello all!  I thought I’d post a teaser from Sanctuary: Finding Home Book 2, which will be out December 26th!

Jenny Aldriss’ family has been murdered and she has run to the only person she believes can keep her alive – her father’s best friend, Daniel Weiss.  But with powerful people trying to hunt her down, there is nowhere that seems safe enough.  Then an unusual idea is presented – Jenny could become one of the estate’s slaves and take safety in their anonymity.  She would be trained by Master Ryan, and mentored by Liz – 

But Michael needs to show her what she has signed up for before they begin the ruse, because Jenny must play her part flawlessly. He’s punishing her harder than normal, he knows, but she has to learn fast, or risk being recognized – and killed.

He pushed her up against the spanking horse and forced her to bend over, quickly spreading her feet and securing each to a side.  She was no dummy – she knew what this was for – and she started struggling and protesting.  He ignored her as he bound her arms to the front posts. 

Then he paused and sat down on the floor by her face.  She continued pleading and apologizing, and he continued to stare at her silently, until she had run out of energy to protest.  When she was silent at last, he began to speak.

“This morning, you promised your body to Master Daniel.  This afternoon, the first time I try to touch you, you broke that promise.”

She protested, trying to explain that it had surprised her, that’s all, and she hadn’t meant to –

“Shhh…” He put his hand lightly over her mouth.  “I know you didn’t expect it.  But I have to show you what happens if you pull away from one of us when we touch you.”

She started pleading again.  Again, he waited.  Again, at last, she stopped.

“Did you give that promise?”

“Yes, but –”

“There is no ‘but’.  Did Master Daniel explain to you what happens when a slave disobeys?”

“Yes, but –”

“Stop.  Was there any part of what he said that you did not understand?  Did he deceive you or trick you into giving your consent?”

“No.”  She was trapped.

“Do you think that being punished will help you to remember not to move the next time?”

Damn damn damn damn damn  “Yes.”

“Jenny, I’m pushing you hard right now, harder than I would normally.  There’s a reason for that, but I won’t share it with you yet.”  He drew a thumb gently over her cheek.  “Shall I begin so we can get this over with?”

“I don’t think I can do this…” she cried.

“But, see, that’s the beauty of being a slave.  You don’t have to worry about whether you can stand something or not, because it isn’t your decision, and you have no choice about it.  Punishment is meant to challenge you, but you’ll survive it, I promise.” 

He stood up and walked around behind her.  Typically, he’d give a new slave no more than a swat on the butt with his hand for pulling away during training.  He was about to go way beyond that.  He steeled himself.

She heard a swishing sound and the next moment a pain like a burning fire lit across her ass.  She screamed.  This was so much worse than she had imagined.  It hit again and she struggled madly, trying to get away from it.  She couldn’t, and the third blow landed just below the first two.  She cried, she begged, she pleaded, she told him she quit; she had changed her mind, she would rather die at the hands of Elias Palm than endure this.  But he kept at it, burning streak after burning streak while she fought to get free like a madwoman.  She thought she had surely landed in hell.  It finally stopped, though her sobbing and gasping went on and on.

Her bottom burned horribly – she wanted to get free to rub it desperately, but he made no effort to release her.  Instead, he sat down again in front of her with a cool wet rag and wiped her face.

“You survived it.”  His voice was unexpectedly soft.

She collected herself enough to nod.

“I know you can do this.”

~ ~ ~
Book 1 – Odyssey –  is available now on Amazon. 

~ ~ ~

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