WIP It up Wednesday – Jenny Becomes A Slave

Welcome to WIP It Up!  As always, thanks to Melody Parks for arranging and coordinating all the details.  Please follow the links below to read the other fantastic authors participating.  And no matter what tradition you follow, may you find peace and joy this time of year.

Sanctuary: Finding Home Book 2 is due out December 26th!   
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(thanks for the early Christmas present, ‘Zon!)

Jenny has run to the only place she knows she will be safe from the powerful people hunting her down – the estate of Daniel Weiss, from Odyssey – Book 1.  She proposes a unique idea for hiding:  Become one of the estate slaves until it is safe for her to leave.  Daniel is skeptical, but agrees that any other idea for hiding her has risks.

“I have to ask you one more time. Do you do this of your own free will?” His eyes stared into hers, looking for any sign of hesitation.

“Because I don’t see any other choice, yes.” She didn’t know why she felt she had to state that, but it was important to her that she did.

“Do you agree that I will become your Master? I will legally own your body, and I will train you, discipline you, and punish you if necessary.”

“I agree,” she said softly.

“Do you understand that you will obey any other Master within these walls as if he was me?”

“Yes, I do.” Softly again.

“And that you will remain my slave until it’s safe for me to release you, no matter how long that may be?”

She opened her mouth but nothing would come out. He waited patiently. She had to trust him… She had to trust him…

“Jenny…” He put his hand under her chin gently. “If you can’t do this, the time to say so is now, and we’ll find another way.”

She jumped off the cliff. “There is no other way,” she stated with a firmness she didn’t actually feel. “I agree.”

Haven’t read Odyssey: Finding Home Book 1?  
It’s available free to everyone, starting tomorrow. 

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  1. Hi Sophie, I hope your holidays are Merry and Bright. I really like the premise of book 2. Although she is only agreeing to pose as his slave, I'm thinking she is going to become attached to Daniel in ways she never dreamed possible.
    So good to have you and your talented imagination on Wipitup.


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