Sanctuary is Here!

What lengths would you go to to stay alive when your whole family has been murdered? Would you agree to become a slave?

Jenny Aldriss knows the only person who can keep her safe is her father’s best friend, Daniel Weiss. But even within the walls of his estate, safety is no guarantee. Jenny must become one of the estate slaves to stay safely hidden. Trained by Master Ryan, guided by Liz, and secretly watched over by Michael, Jenny finds a strength within that serves her well when circumstances catapult her back into danger.

But Jenny’s story is not the only story that is told. Rejoin Liz and Ryan as they discover that sometimes love can be standing right next to you for years, if you can only admit out loud what your heart already knows.

This story contains scenes of BDSM including spanking, punishments both fun and intense, orgasm control, and a little fun F/F. It also has bad guys who do bad things, so please be aware there are scenes of rape.

Oh, and of course, a HEA ending.

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3 thoughts on “Sanctuary is Here!

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  1. I'm sorry to leave you hanging for so long. Thanks so much for the review. I've had (more) serious family issues that have kept me out of town unexpectedly.
    Life after this series? It's been so long…. I have a couple of books that were half-started that I am itching to get back to and see if they are worth finishing – all with some dubious consent, D/s, M/f, etc. but very different plots. Liz and Ryan have a few more adventures, too, that need exploring. Refining Fire should be out by the end of the month.

    Off to email the designer about the cover.



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