Revenge – Taboo Tuesday

* * Please be aware: This excerpt contains a scene of rape * *

Welcome back to Taboo Tuesday!  It’s great to have a place where an author can post those more uncomfortable scenes – the dark blackness against which the silver lining of love can shine.

This is from Refining Fire, the third book in the Finding Home series, due out at the end of January.  In this excerpt, Jenny has been kidnapped, and the kidnapper is communicating by text message.  This isn’t a kidnapping for money – it’s for revenge.

~ ~ ~

        The sound of Michael’s cell phone chirping with text messages startled them all.  His hands shook as he turned the screen on.
        It was just as bad as he’d feared.  Jenny was on her knees, arms bound behind her back, surrounded by a group of men, their faces covered by masks.  A few were naked from the waist down.  One of them had her hair in his hands, jerking her head up, and his erect cock thrust deeply into her mouth. Jenny had a look of terror on her face that said she couldn’t breathe. 
       With trembling hands Michael flipped to the next one.  It was Jenny on her hands and knees now, face pushed down to the floor, being raped.
       And then Jenny in the same position, being fucked in the ass.
       Michael dropped the phone to the floor and ran into the bathroom to throw up.

~ ~ ~

That’s it for now!  You can check out the prologue and chapters 1 and 2 of the first book, Odyssey, here.  You can get both Odyssey and Sanctuary on Amazon, too – free for Kindle Unlimited members (and reasonable for the rest of you!)
 ~ ~ ~
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