Jenny Claims Her Birthright – on WIP it UP Wednesday!

Welcome back to Works In Progress Wednesday! 
In this excerpt from Refining Fire (Finding Home Book 3), due out next week, Jenny’s province has been invaded and her father the Chairman murdered.  Her survival has been secret – until now. She’s been on the phone to the leaders of the other provinces with the announcement that she is alive and will be assuming control.  There’s one more call to make:
“Let’s get this last one over with.”  Michael dialed the number and handed the phone to Jenny.
She put this call on the speaker phone and it was picked up before it even had time to ring. 
“Miss Jenny Aldriss.  My brother wasn’t totally insane.  You really are alive.”
“Good afternoon to you, Chancellor Palm.  Yes, your brother was insane.  And yes, I am alive.  And I am the Chairwoman of the Aldriss Family.    I am formally ordering you to get the hell out of my province.”  She was amazed that he didn’t hang up on her.
“You’ve got to be kidding.  You know nothing about ruling and your province is full of violent terrorists who need to be wiped out. Your fucked-up militia obviously can’t do it, so I have to, and we’re going to a lot of trouble and expense to help you out.  In fact, I think you’re going to owe us a substantial amount of repayment for all the effort we’re going to.”
Jenny’s mouth dropped open and she looked at Michael in astonishment.  He hit the mute button.  “Don’t get in an argument with him.  He wants to prove that you aren’t fit to rule by getting you all emotional and out of control.”  He waited a moment while Jenny took a deep breath, and then she nodded.  He un-muted the phone.
“My ‘fucked-up’ militia,” she replied mildly, “has held you at the river for the last eight months,  despite the fact that it’s one third the size it used to be before your brother attacked and murdered my family and invaded our province.  And as soon as we pick apart the so-called evidence that you pretend gives you the right to interfere in the affairs of a sovereign province, we’ll be sending your ‘fucked-up’ ass running back across the border like a scared little rat.”
“You’ll be lucky to keep your head that long.  There are snakes in your nest, and you refuse to believe it. You won’t be around long enough for me to be worried about.”
“Chancellor, did I mention that Candover has agreed to ally with us?   If you agree to leave now there will be no need to have any more fighting. And we won’t sue you for reparations.”
“Fucking bitch!” he snarled.
“That’s ‘Chairwoman Fucking Bitch’ to you, Chancellor. Think about my offer.  Good day.”  This time she hung up the phone first. 
She took a deep breath and looked around.  “What’s next?”

~ ~ ~
Thanks to all those fans who have been so patient with me.  I guess my estimate of the “first week in January” was a little off.  Blame the day job.  But the last little bits are coming together now!!
Thanks to Melody Parks for hosting me!
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