WIP It Up Wednesday – Leina is Inspected

Hello!  Happy Wednesday!  It’s been a while since anyone heard from me – the usual excuses, you know – but I have a new Work In Progress.

This is for an anthology put out by “The Erotic Writer’s Collective” and due to be published in May.  My story is tentatively titled “The Penitence Tour”.

Leina is hoping to be selected to go to a new, green planet and leave her gray and dying one behind.  But the aliens who already live there, who look a lot like Leina’s people except bigger, are picky.  She’s on the exam table being inspected:

     I was alone with the male alien with strange eyes.
     “Lee-na, we have decided–”
     “It’s Lay-eena.”
     His hairy brow furrowed for just a moment and he looked like he was about to reprimand me.  Instead he nodded.  “Lay-eena, though it is earlier in the evaluation than usual, we wish to offer you a new home.”
     I stared at him.  “Seriously?” I gasped.
     He looked confused.  “What is seriously?”
     “You are telling me the truth?”
     Now he really looked angry.  “I do not lie, and if you ever suggest that again I will spak your bokome.  Hard.”
     “You keep saying ‘spak’.  It’s spank. You’ll spank my, um, bokome, hard.”
     He looked as though that’s what he wanted to do right then, so I backed up a bit.  “I’m sorry.  I have trouble keeping my thoughts to myself sometimes.”
     “You will want to learn that.  There are many men on our planet and they do not like to be challenged.”  He freed all my straps and abruptly pulled me up to a sitting position. “Take this–” he shoved a folder into my hand “–and go over through that door.”  He pointed in a different direction than the fleeing women had left through.
     I took a last look at him and with a deep breath, I walked over to the door.  My whole life was about to change.

~ ~ ~

Leina’s planet was dying.  They were warned by the scientists for years, but no one paid attention.  Twenty years ago they made a desperate grab for a new home, and made a terrible mistake.  Now Leina, and the other penitents, will try to heal the wound their people inflicted.

~ ~ ~

That’s all for now!  It’s been so good to see you again.  Please click the links and keep reading
the other wonderful WIP’s below, and thank you Melody Parks for setting this up!


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