A Little Taste of Liz and Ryan

I turned “The Penitents” in to the editor today for final edits, so as soon as I get back from the RT Convention in mid-May it’s time for another story!

Today I thought you guys might like to hear a little from Liz and Ryan.  This takes place right after the main story in Refining Fire, but before the epilogue.  They’ve just come back from the doctor, who has told them something startling:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once they were home – if the small studio they had could be called home – he sat down on the couch.  She removed her clothes and moved to sit on the floor at his feet, but he pulled her onto the couch next to him and put his arm around her.

“Well,” Liz said, “that was unexpected.  I guess we have some planning to do.”  She looked around their studio.  “And think about another place to live?  I somehow don’t see us raising two kids here.  We have to decide when and how we are going to tell Jenny, and your sister – she’ll be thrilled, I’m sure…..”  She broke off, realizing Ryan wasn’t paying attention to her.

“Master?  Are you OK?”  He had a dazed look in his eyes.  After a moment he focused in on her.

“Sorry, love… I’m still…. twins?  We didn’t plan for one baby, much less two!   How are you so matter-of-fact about this?”

“Well,” she teased him, “I used to be more controlling, as you know, but then I kind of lost control of my life, and someone very smart spent a long time teaching me how to accept whatever came my way.  You, Sir, though, are kind of used to being in control of things, and there is nothing that is so out of control as a baby.  Or babies.”

He looked at her for a long moment.  “I think I might have to learn a few lessons from you about letting go,” he admitted.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sorry! That’s all I have right now!  The story is in bits and pieces.  I promise I’ll post more as it begins to come together.

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