Leina’s first spanking

Well, I missed WIP It Up Wednesday (Always a day late and a dollar short!  That’s me), but I do have an excerpt I wanted to share.  This is from The Penitents, part of an anthology by former and current Literotica writers coming out May 15th titled Twist.  Eight great stories, all of them with some kind of plot twist at the end.

Leina is traveling to the new planet that will be her home, and finding it very difficult to learn the new language she’s expected to speak.  One afternoon she runs away and hides, but is found by Samiel.  He is one of the few aliens who speak her language, and he brings her back to his quarters to try to help her.  (Oh – he always has a bit of trouble with the word “spank”)

“Leina!”  I must have dozed off.  When my eyes flew open, he was standing over me, looking angry.  “Where did I tell you to stay?”

“What?  I just got tired of sitting on the floor so I came over here.”

“Where did I tell you to stay?”

“Right there,” I pointed, “but I didn’t think it was an order, oh tall and hairy one.”

He blinked at me, his brow furrowed as he tried to figure out the words. 

“I do not know those words, but the way you say them is disrespectful.  I do not like disrespect and you will stop it now or I will punish you.”

“Who died and made you the boss?”  I don’t know why I was acting so reckless.

Without warning I was lifted bodily from the chair and held shrieking in the air as he took my place.  Then I found myself face down on his lap, my arms dangling down towards the carpet way below, and my feet kicking in mid-air.  His arm – as solid as a tree trunk – wrapped around my waist and pinned me more tightly than any bonds could.

“Let me go!” I shouted, clawing at his massive legs.  I managed to place some nice red scrapes on the skin with my fingernails before he captured both wrists and pinned them to the small of my back.  I struggled furiously, calling him every name that my mother had taught me and a few that I made up on the spot, but he seemed to barely notice. 

Eventually I ran out of steam, and hung awkwardly over his knees while he remained still.  “Are we done yet?” I asked.

“You will tell me you are sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”


I sighed.  I just wanted to get upright again.  “Sorry.” 

“Use more words, please.”

I twisted around as much as I could to look up at him.  “Seriously?”

His mouth twitched, I swear it did.  “Seriously.”

“I’m sorry I disrespected you.”


“Oh, come on!”

He remained silent.

“I’m sorry I didn’t stay on the floor like you told me to and disrespected you.”

“That is good.  Now we can begin to punish.”

“What???” I screeched, as his massive hand came down with a thwack right on top of the lines left by the teacher’s cane.  I howled in agony.  “You said no spanking! Stop! Please! I said I’m sorry please that hurts so bad, please…”

“I said no spakking but you became disrespectful.  Disrespect is always punished, and punishments hurt.”  His hand stroked my flaming skin for a moment while I caught my breath.  “Five more will make you remember the next time.”

“No, please stop, I can’t do th–”  My sentence was cut off by the next strike of his palm, slightly lower than the last.  I howled again and struggled furiously and couldn’t move an inch.  He struck the third blow, this one right where my legs met my ass.  I was writhing and fighting and begging as the fourth one landed at the top of my thighs.  I know he gave me two more but it was all a blur of pain, the smacks landing with complete accuracy on the red raised wheals placed yesterday and today, and magnifying the pain ten-fold.

By this time I was hyperventilating.  I felt his hand on my back, rubbing with a light touch until I had caught my breath, and then with the same ease that he had put me face down, he turned me over and sat me up.  I hissed with pain as my flaming backside made contact with the rough material of his clothes but I didn’t fight him. Our size difference made me feel like a little girl.  He kept his arm around me as I wobbled and made shushing noises and the last of my sobs made their way out. 

“Now, we start over?”

I nodded, not really understanding what he meant but not wanting to disagree.

He helped me stand up, holding me steady until my legs could support me.  I turned to face him and realized with surprise that while he was sitting, we were actually at eye-level.  Those odd-colored eyes stared into my soul.

“Now, no more books for you.”

My eyebrows shot up with surprise.

“You will go to class but you will listen only.  Do you think that will help you learn?”

I nodded.  If I could concentrate on just listening, I would pick things up faster.

“The teacher will ask you questions, but not from the book.  If you do not answer correctly, she will punish you like the other females.”

I gulped and nodded.

“And every night, you will come here and we will talk in my language only.”

I nodded slowly, unsure of how I felt about that. 

“We will do this until you go into space sleep.”

“Okay.”  My voice was small.  “Sir.”  It just seemed like the right thing to add.

He looked puzzled.  “What is ‘Sir’?”

“It is a word – a name – of respect.”

He smiled.  “We have that kind of word, too.  I will teach it to you tonight.”

So that’s it for now – but watch for “Twist” coming out May 15th – stories by Livia Grant, Tara Crescent, Jennifer Bene, Alice Schermer, Christine Hart, Livnah Eden, and Richard North (and me!)

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  1. What a fun to read excerpt. I don't know from where Leina came, Earth or not, but I laughed out loud when she said this present day retort, “Who died and made you the boss?” Hilarious!


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