Saturday Spanks – An excerpt from "The Penitents"

Welcome to Sat Spanks!  

I’m really excited this week.  The Erotic Collective’s anthology Twist was released!  It’s eight erotic romance stories – some short, some long – all with some kind of twist at the end that will Blow. Your. Mind.

This is an excerpt from my story “The Penitent”. Leina didn’t try very hard to stop Adelen from attempting to escape last night, and now she’s been badly hurt.

“I couldn’t tell on her!”  Samial’s smack landed on my thigh and felt like fire.  I threw my hand up to rub and found it quickly pinned to the small of my back.

“So you thought that leaving her to be attacked by wild animals would be better than one of us finding her?”

“I didn’t realize she was in that much danger!  I’d never do that on purpose, I promise!  Please believe me!”  He began peppering my ass and thighs with short sharp spanks and I struggled and screeched and tried to get away from the smacks.  But escape was impossible and eventually I went limp, no longer fighting him.  I felt so bad that I hadn’t tried to stop her and she was in the hospital and maybe scarred for life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
That’s it!  There’s seven other hot stories in the anthology, and it’s available on Amazon now: 
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10 thoughts on “Saturday Spanks – An excerpt from "The Penitents"

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  1. Well, Cara, helping Adelen try to escape actually wasn't the right thing, either. Adelen, and the others, had a penalty they all agreed to pay for the sins of their people. Adelen just decided she didn't want to any longer when it got tough.


  2. Just finished “The Penitents” and thoroughly enjoyed. Looking forward to the other stories. A Wooden Horse? Seriously? Brought back memories of Liz and excited that you will be bringing them back again. Congrats on the anthology!


  3. Thanks, BAGS! Could I get down on my knees and beg you for a review on Amazon? 😉 Even if you only review my story that would be great. I'm working on Liz and Ryan, I promise.


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