WIP It Up Wednesday


Welcome to WIP It Up Wednesday!  These are the very first few paragraphs from a new project, not yet named, but roiling around in my mind like a summer thunderstorm.

~ ~ ~
He watched them through the window of the small coffee shop, his presence masked by the darkness outside and the light inside.  He saw the way the man touched her hand – tentatively, gently – and the way she smiled at him with affection.  They had chatted for hours, long past the point where the watcher grew cold and annoyed, wishing he too were inside the warm building having a cup of coffee and chatting with a pretty girl. But his job was to watch, and report, and let those above know exactly what took place between the man inside drinking coffee who was so important to their plans, and the woman he met every Saturday evening right here.  
He wondered what it might be like if he were the one in there, in the light.  He would also have a pretty girl to chat with, finding out all about her boring job, and her lonely apartment, and her parents back in Omaha. But unlike the man he was watching, he would invite the girl to come back to his place for the night.  She would hesitate, unsure if that was a good idea.  He’d smile and encourage her to look at his driver’s license, and text her BFF with the information, and maybe even tell her if she didn’t check in by phone in an hour or two then the BFF should call the police.  All this was designed to reassure the girl, and after she duly made all the arrangements for her safety they would leave the cafe arm in arm, still chatting and smiling at each other like two young lovers, and disappear into the dark night.

Of course, the driver’s license would be fake, and the phone call would go unanswered, and the police would look in vain for a girl who would never be seen again…

~ ~ ~
I hope a chill went up your spine like it did mine as I was writing this!  I’ll post more as I write, but in the meantime, check out these other amazing authors working just as hard on their WIPs:


8 thoughts on “WIP It Up Wednesday

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  1. Why in Gods name would end this snippet here?
    The drivers license would be fake? The police looking in vain? Who is this man? This watcher?
    Grrr… I just hate being left in the dark.
    Please share more of this! ☺


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