The Darkness in His Soul

Well, it’s Wednesday – time for WIP It Up again!  I still don’t have a name for my new story, but it’s getting dark – really dark – and here’s a little bit to show you:

~ ~ ~

     Dan leaned back in the leather chair, the scotch in the glass he was holding almost gone.  Lord knows he needed a lot more to drink than this, and yet this was the worst possible time in his life to drink.  He had to stay on top of everything, the thousand or so balls that he was juggling kept just so in the air. 
     One more month, he thought.  He’d spent almost five years working his way to this point, and in one more month it should be over.  At least the hard part.  The clean-up, the de-brief, the testifying – that would probably consume him for another 10 years or so. 
     He knew what he was doing was worth it, but it was goddamn hard to keep it up.  He knew that these girls – women – would be treated exactly this way, and probably worse, if he wasn’t involved, but he doubted that anyone would agree with him save his superiors, who had promised to write him a get-out-of-jail-free card when this was all over. He’d need it.  He wondered sometimes if even God would give him a pass for what he had done in the name of bringing a greater evil to an end.

~ ~ ~
Short and sweet, and not fair to leave it here, I know.  Sorry! (not)
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6 thoughts on “The Darkness in His Soul

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  1. You left us hanging on purpose? How evil of you. EVIL I say, EVIL. Dark erotica thrills me like nothing else can and you holding us at bay with all the good bits.
    More please! ☺


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