Breaking Laura

Has it really been more than a month since I posted?  Holy cow.  It’s been a tough summer, both good and bad, and writing has been sporadic.  But I’m in the editing phase of my next book, A Masquerade of Fear.  I don’t have a publishing date yet, but I don’t want to lose my readers, so I thought I’d post another bit.

Dan is an undercover agent placed in charge of a training facility full of kidnapped women who will be auctioned at the end of the month. He’s walking a tightrope between satisfying the demands of the crime boss who will be their prime target when he appears at the auction, and protecting the women he’s trying to eventually free.  When his best friend Laura becomes one of the slaves, he must maintain his cover and treat her just like the others.  Events become complicated, though, when Dan’s boss decides to claim Laura as his own, and demands that Dan break her in.

A Masquerade of Fear

Dan’s heart was breaking.  There wasn’t anything remotely right about what was happening.   After all these years of dreaming about her and never being able to say anything, here he was, gazing upon her for the first time.  He wanted to savor this.  Her beautiful breasts lay before him, so full, with large nipples that begged to be sucked.  Two reddish purple cane lines, above and below the nipples, made his cock jump.  He briefly wondered what kind of monster he must be to be aroused by the sight. He tore his gaze from there down to her soft, pink pussy that lay wide open and dripping wet, and he realized with shock she’d been turned on by the spanking.

He raised his eyes to her face, the hardest place of all to look.  It was easier for him to imagine she was just an ass, a cunt, and two tits.  Her face, her beautiful face with the mahogany brown eyes and the dusting of freckles across her nose that would always give her the look of a little girl long after she became a woman, held a look of determination, of intelligence, and a not little fear.  And laying on top of all of that was trust.  It almost undid him.

But he had his part in this bizarre play to perform.  Before he could think about it any more, he rolled a condom on and positioned himself over her widespread legs.

“Who is your Master?”  he demanded.

“You are, sir.”  The words came out soft but strong, as though she almost believed them.

“Whose cunt am I going to fuck?”

“Your cunt, sir.”

He plunged in as deep as he could go, relishing her “oof!” as he hit bottom.  He pulled out and plunged in again.  This time she cried out loud and her distress spurred him to increase his speed.  He left all mercy behind as the pleasure began to consume him.  Over and over he drove into her depths, oblivious to her, until he came with a roar, spilling his seed into the latex barrier that he wished were not there.

As he came down from his high he looked at her face.  The sight of her tightly screwed up eyes and the tears running down her face finally undid him.  He stood up, unrolled the condom and tossed it onto her stomach where it leaked out onto her fair skin.

“Next time it’s gonna be your ass.  Better make sure you’re ready for that.”

 He zipped himself up and stomped out the door, slamming it behind him.  In a fog he found himself outside.  He fished his car keys from his pocket,  got into his car, and tried not to spin the tires on the gravel as he started down the road.  Once around the bend and out of sight he pulled over to the side of the road.  He barely made it out of the car before he vomited. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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