WIP It Up Wednesday – A Masquerade of Fear

Welcome back to Work In Progress Wednesday!

I hope that this is one of the last WIP’s I do for this book – I really want to finish and publish it!  I’m in the “editing to make it more interesting to read and fill in the holes” phase.

A little background – Dan is an undercover agent, and has successfully infiltrated a slavery ring.  He has found himself in charge of getting a group of slaves ready to be auctioned in three weeks.  Together with his partner Josh, they’re walking a delicate line, trying to satisfy the leader of the ring, whom they hope to capture at the auction, and their consciences, which are being sorely tested by what they are having to do for the greater good.

Things get really difficult when Dan’s best friend Laura ends up being one of the slaves.  Suddenly he can’t keep a distance between what he does and who she is.  And the masquerade that was hard before has just become almost impossible to maintain.  And as he watches the camera, his partner has just finished administering a punishment to the woman Dan is falling in love with…

Josh had punished her hard and Dan half expected that she would explode in anger, but she’d quickly turned recalcitrant, and then submissive. She obeyed Josh, she apologized for moving, asked for the punishment to start over, and she’d thanked him. And he was pretty sure none of it was faked.

And his cock twitched in agreement.  Damn thing. It complicated all of this. What he was doing with these women – unwilling and terrified as they were – none of it had aroused him. Ever. Until Laura.

What he was doing with her made him stare at the ceiling at night. Eventually he would give in and masturbate with the memories of the day until he spilled his seed all over his hand.
He’d been unusually harsh with her today and he had to admit that it might be because he didn’t understand why he felt confused. He’d taken out his conflicted anger on her, a fact that he realized once he’d finally turned the damn blowjob machine off and carried her back to the cell, where he’d dumped her on the bed and tossed a bottle of water in her direction. She’d been on the machine for hours.

Oh, God, he was a first class bastard, he was.

When he’d gotten back to his office he didn’t even bother going in to the attached bedroom. He  sat down in his desk chair and pulled out his stiff cock. It took less than a minute for the memory of her struggles against the invading dildo to make him cry out loud and cum into a hastily-grabbed towel. If DeLeo had been watching he no doubt was applauding with glee.

And once he’d spent, and his arousal had fled, he’d taken a good look at himself. He hadn’t liked what he’d seen at all, which was what led to the formerly-full and now almost-half-empty scotch bottle on the floor next to his dead-drunk and pitiful ass.

~ ~ ~
A Masquerade of Fear 
Coming soon (I promise!)
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2 thoughts on “WIP It Up Wednesday – A Masquerade of Fear

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  1. This is a very powerful scene. I'm unsure whether to like or dislike Dan and Josh.
    You mention this being the last snippet of this WIP? Where are the others? ~I shall be hunting around your blog now to find them~ 😉 ☺


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