She Never Expected to Overhear This

Another WIP it Up Wednesday!  
Thanks to Melody Parks for making this possible.

This week’s Work in Progress is from a new story that will follow two of the favorite characters from my first books – Liz and Ryan.  This excerpt is all about Cassidy, a friend of Liz’s who has just moved into town and had a baby. Her father died and left an unexpected inheritance.  Now her husband has been acting strange, and one evening she overhears him on the phone:

~ ~ ~

“Dammit, Tony, tell me there’s a way I can get that money from Cassidy.  I only have three days left to pay that loan back.”

There was silence for a moment.

“I know it’s cutting things close!  The old man was diagnosed two years ago and everyone expected him to die right after the wedding but the bastard held on.”

She felt the blood drain out of her face and she gripped the railing hard.  He’d known where her father was before they got married and never shared that with her?  Did he marry her for the money that she didn’t know she was going to get, but that he somehow knew about?

“Whoa, slow down.  Let me make sure I got this right.  Orrian law says it’s hers so even if we’re back in Idriss I can’t get my hands on it?”  He listened as Cassidy’s heart thumped so loud she was sure he would hear it.  “All right.  How do I do that?”  She heard him sigh.  “You sure there’s no other way?  It’s going to mean keeping her isolated from everyone else for quite a while until we can pretend she’s cured, and even then it’ll be risky to let her out…”

She was going to throw up.

“OK, you go ahead and work up whatever supporting evidence we need to convince a judge here.  Backdate it to about a month ago before her father died – we can say it started while she was pregnant.  We’ll be back in Idriss by morning, and this time we’ll be staying.”

He continued speaking but Cassidy didn’t need to hear any more.  She made her way back to the bedroom trying to hold herself together long enough to think.

Her whole marriage had been a sham.

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