Well, I meant to sign up for the “Six of the Best” Bloghop, but the linky list closed before I was done 😦   I decided to post this anyway.  This is from A Masquerade of Fear and Desire, slated to be out this fall.

“You meeting your guy for coffee tonight?”  Melissa, one of the night nurses, leaned over the counter in front of Laura.

“He’s not my guy.  He’s just a friend.  And no, I’m not, which is good, ’cause I’m getting out two hours late.”

Melissa cocked a skeptical eyebrow.  “Mmm hmm.  I bet he’d wait.  I’ve seen you dump every boyfriend you ever had, but this guy seems to always be there in the background.  Maybe it’s time you looked a little closer to home for what you want?”

“Oh, God, Mel, please stop.  I’m just too tired to come up with clever counter-arguments tonight.”

“Okay, but you just think about how nice it would be to go home tonight to a steady, reliable man who’d have dinner made and probably give you a foot rub.”

“Guys like that don’t exist.  Now please let me finish so I can go home to my cold, dark apartment, which might or might not have leftovers in the refrigerator.”

She finished her charting and headed home, thinking about what Melissa had said.  Thoughts of Dan refused to be pushed away tonight and she realized she missed him more than she would have admitted to anyone.

As she fumbled in her purse for the key to her door, a shadow rose from the bushes.  Instinct made her turn to flee but a hand grabbed her hair and yanked her backwards.  She tried to scream but another hand went over her mouth and something sickly sweet filled her nostrils.  In her panic she breathed hard and a moment later everything went dark…

Thanks for reading!

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