A Teaser from "Masquerade" – coming January 9th!

So it has been waaaayyy tooo long since anyone has heard from me.  The last two months have been intensively focused on family crises and obligations to other parts of life and sadly my writing has suffered.


You have probably heard by now that Blushing Books will be releasing my latest book on January 9th and I am beyond excited!  So here is a teaser to get you (more) interested.

A Masquerade of Fear and Desire
Dan drove back through the darkness, the memory of Laura’s face the only thing he was really paying attention to. Every other week he would treasure the first glimpse of her bright, open face with a ready smile. He relished staring into the mahogany-colored eyes that exactly matched her curly shoulder-length hair and the smattering of freckles across her face. The women he saw every day usually stared at the floor. It suddenly struck him that he had no idea the color of their eyes, because they never looked up. 
He wished he could talk to her, to relieve a little of the guilt that weighed so heavily on him. Perhaps then he’d be able to sleep for just one night. But tonight, even troubled sleep would be a while for him. There was a problem when he arrived back.
“What the fuck happened?” he shouted, looking at the naked and lifeless woman on the concrete floor in front of him.
“Dunno, boss. The girls say she wasn’t feeling good all day and then she passed out just before you got back. I checked her pulse and – nothing.”
Dan looked at the other naked women cowering against the back wall. He strode over to one of them and tried not to hate himself for the way she flinched as he towered over her small form.
“You! Do you know anything about this?”
“No, sir, I’m not sure, oh God, is she dead?” At this last question she dared to look up at him, into his eyes, as if hoping there was some way this nightmare had not just gotten worse. With a start, he realized she had blue eyes and he stared into them for a long moment before shaking himself and getting back to the present problem.
And…. that’s all for now!

One comment

  1. Why would any of us have already heard that you have a book coming out? As far as I can tell BB hasn't pushed it yet on Goodreads. They haven't helped you with your blog, the way they seem to do for some of their authors. Have they lined up several mystery readers to write 5 star reviews (which you didn't need for Odyssey, which got excellent normal reviews? Come on. I just sent a recommendation for Odyssey to a fellow reader, who read it almost overnight and came back with “OMG”. Do you have a plan to use Book Bub or GR's giveaways?

    Ms. Kisker: You are an awesome writer. Now, you need to find a way to get in touch with your potential readers. I can't help with that, except for recommending them to fellow readers on GR. Your fellow authors can. Are you listening to them? What does Ms. Grant suggest?


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