Memories of a Slave – on WIP It Up Wednesday!

Hi there!  I haven’t been here in a while, mostly because I never remember what tomorrow is until it’s here.  Anyway, here’s an early scene from my WIP,  

Memories of a Slave

~ ~ ~  Please note that I write intense and often dark scenes.  If you like light, sweet, and consensual spankings, this post (and blog) probably isn’t going to be your favorite! ~ ~ ~

James is visiting his friend Raym on Midros, a planet that has a few old-fashioned customs.  He’s looking out of his hotel window at a crowd of women gathered below.
James started to turn to Raym when he caught sight of a woman being escorted through a path in the crowd, towards the platform. She wore a loose white shift, and a shiny silver collar, and her arms were bound in front of her.  As he watched, she was placed so she faced the pole, her hands raised high above her head and secured so she stood on her tiptoes.  Her shift was pulled away, leaving her bared to the crowd. 
A man stepped forward, said a few words James couldn’t hear, and  positioned himself beside her.  Without hesitation he drew back a long thin cane and snapped it forward to land on the woman’s ass.
The scream that came through the window knocked him backwards.  “What the fuck?!”  He turned to Raym who hadn’t looked up from his computer.  “What the fuck are they doing?”
Raym shrugged.  “It’s Punishment Day.” 
“What the fuck is Punishment Day?”
Raym’s reply was cut short by another scream.  James turned back to the window.  He stared at the scene. Even from up here, he could see two dark red lines across the formerly white skin.  He ignored the twitching of his cock.
“Every two weeks all of the slaves in the city who’ve broken rules that demand public punishment are sent here. Sometimes it’s over in an hour, and sometimes it goes on all day. Just depends.”
“What kind of rules deserve that kind of punishment?”  He was still mesmerized as a third scream rose up to disappear into the deep blue sky.
“About what you’d expect.  Running away, fighting back, blatant disrespect of a Master in public, improper relations with a man who isn’t her Master, holding or opening a book written in Br’ini…. I don’t know.  There’s lots.”  Raym shrugged again.
“Holding or opening a book written in Br’ini? Why that?”
“Because reading the intellectual writings of men give slaves ideas that aren’t healthy for them.  They’re happier when their world is predictable.”
“You can’t be serious.”
Oh, but they are.  Very serious…
~ ~ ~
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