An Unwilling Ride on the Sybian – Part 2

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When we left Laura last week, she’d been secured to a Sybian machine and had endured orgasm after orgasm without relief.  Her Master finally turned it off and promised no more orgasms.  But he didn’t release her…

She watched with wide eyes as he moved to the control box. The unwanted buzzing and vibrating started up again.

“Master!” she screamed. “Master! You said no more!” She struggled wildly, pulling on the cuffs that secured her wrists and her ankles. Soon she was once more beyond words as the tide rose up and she catapulted towards the edge—

And the machine stopped. She panted furiously as her eyes sought his, not understanding.

“I promised no more orgasms.”

He smiled at her as the truth dawned.

“No, please, don’t do that either, Master! Please!”

The vibrations started up, silencing her pleas as she became a creature of sensation once more. She groaned and panted and let out guttural cries and felt the tidal wave approach—
And again the machine stopped.

“Noooo!” she screamed, writhing furiously on the twin dildos, trying to rub her clit on the silent, still pad. Where once before she would have promised anything to stop the orgasms, now she found herself promising anything to be allowed to have them. But it seemed he had no intention of doing that. The arousal backed off, her panting slowed, and then the machine started up once more. Again and again she came to the edge and was denied blessed relief. She screamed and struggled. Then she tried being silent so he might miss the signs of an impending orgasm and stop the machine too late. He didn’t. Every orgasm was thwarted over
and over.

Finally, he approached her.

“Master, please…” the words trailed off. She was too tired and weak to fight.

“Do you want to have an orgasm?”

She looked up in fear and hope, and nodded hesitantly.

“Just one orgasm?”

Now she nodded more vigorously.

“Then I need something from you. I need you to give me the best blowjob you can give. I won’t do anything harsh to you—I just want a regular blowjob, and after I’ve come in your mouth and you swallow it all, you’ll lay back on the floor and spread your legs for me, and I’ll let you come. Deal?”

Don’t give in just for a stupid orgasm! a tiny part of her brain pleaded. She shoved it into a corner and locked it down tight.

“Yes, Master, I’ll do it.”

A Captive of Fear and Desire 
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