Slaves Don’t Kiss Their Masters – on WIP It Up Wednesday

James has accidentally “rented” Lydia from her master. He’s not from this place, and he is very uncomfortable with the idea of an involuntary slave, but there’s an attraction between them neither can deny.

“I like how you kiss,” He moved a tendril of hair out of her face.

“Thank you, Sir.  I, um, wasn’t sure if I was doing it right.”

His brow wrinkled. “You haven’t kissed before?”  When she shook her head, he looked even more confused.  “But, you’ve pleasured  your Master many times, right?”

“Yes, of course.  But kissing – that’s usually what Masters do with their first slaves.  The ones they buy because because of love.  I’m just for sex and household service.”

He stared at her and she didn’t know what to say.  He was obviously confused, but she wasn’t sure about what, exactly.  Eventually he nodded and looked away into the distance.  She suspected he wasn’t really seeing what he was looking at.

She took a huge leap and did something she’d never dare do with her Master.  She reached a hand out and gently stroked the bulge between his legs that was threatening to rip his pants.

He groaned softly and closed his eyes. “Don’t.”

His command lacked conviction, so she disobeyed and repeated the movement.

“Lydia.”  This time it was almost a pleading. “Please.  It’s not right.  You’re a slave, and that’s not right.  This whole thing isn’t right.  Fuck.” He let his breath out but made no move to stop her.

She shook off the confusion that his statement gave her, and focused on the part she knew how to deal with.  “James, Sir, I like sex.  I know some slaves don’t and they have to be forced to serve, but not me.”  She rubbed a little harder.  Suddenly his grip around her wrist stilled her movements.  She looked up to see him looking down at her, his eyes glittering.  She shivered.

“You like it when your Master fucks you?”  It almost came out as a growl.

She nodded, suddenly feeling very meek.  “Yes, Sir.  And he’s not always gentle.”  She wondered if he understood what she was saying.

He slid off the rock, her wrist still caught in his grip.  “Stand up.”  There was no question of obeying this tone of voice.  The moment her feet hit the ground he spun her around to face the rock, her wrist now twisted behind her back.  He captured the other wrist and pulled it back to join the first.  “Like this?” he hissed.

“Yes, Sir.  Exactly like this.”  It appeared he did understand.

Oh, yes, he understands all right.  And there are some sexy times in their very near future.  Some sadness, too, unfortunately.  Stay tuned for more as this story comes together!

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  1. She reached a hand out and gently stroked the bulge between his legs that was threatening to rip his pants. — That is such an awesome line 😀 Things are really starting to hot up in here… can't wait for next week!


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