Spanked in Anger



Coming July 2! 

James is visiting Midros, where all women are slaves.  He ends up renting her by accident for a week.  During that time, she begins to help him with his research, and they find a secret library that is filled with books from the time women were the equals of men.  While he’s away from their hotel room she sneaks back down to the library to grab a book she’d been reading.  James comes back and sees what she’s done.

“And if you’d been caught you’d be whipped in public, for running away, and your whole precious library down there would be on its way to being destroyed. Do you understand that, or are you really just a stupid slave?”

She looked up at him, stunned.  “James–”

She heard him pick up the discarded belt from the floor and without warning he brought it down with a crash on the spot where her thighs met her ass. The second blow came down directly over the first and she screamed long and loud, eventually subsiding into sobs as she heard the belt hit the floor.

“I will not beat you when I am angry.”

Something inside her broke.  “Isn’t it a little too late for that? You called me stupid, and hit me twice.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh, shit. Will James ever earn her trust back?

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