Lydia’s Secret – on WIP It Up Wednesday.

  It’s WIP It Up Wednesday again!  In 3 days, this won’t be a “WIP” any more, so if you like this excerpt, stay tuned!

 On Midros, all the important books on science and law and government are written in Br’ini, an ancient language that women are forbidden to learn. The penalty is death.  Lydia has been helping James do research in the Archives by carrying books back and forth for him, and on one trip she finds a secret room filled with books written in the women’s language, Eluiim – books like she’s never seen before.

“Lydia, are any of these books about medicine, or healing, or old cures for diseases?”

“Um, not here.  Let me look.”  They wandered for a while longer before she began to zero in on a section.  Her eyes were alight with fascination.  She almost glowed in her obvious joy.

She was looking at the end of one row when James caught sight of a familiar-looking book.  “This is the same one I’ve been reading in Br’ini!” he noted.

She glanced over. “No, sir, actually the one you were reading was about medicinal herbs.  This one is about medicinal wild plants.”  She went back to her perusing.

James stopped and stared.  His mouth dropped open.  She must have had the same thought, because she turned back to him slowly, white as a sheet.

“Oh, no…” She fell to her knees, her arms outstretched in front, her breath suddenly heaving in obvious panic.  “Oh, Master, no, please…”

“You can read Br’ini.”

His words were little more than a whisper, but she let out a wail. “Nooo! Master, please don’t turn me in, please, oh gods, please don’t turn me in they’ll kill me, oh please…”  She was sobbing…


Find out what happens to Lydia this Saturday, July 2 when “Memories of a Slave” is released!


Lydia has been a slave all her life, and longs to know more about the world.  But knowledge is for men, and the penalty for a woman is too harsh, too steep.
James is just a visitor to her planet, and certainly never imagined renting a slave.  Then, when he learns her secret, he can’t simply return her. And when they uncover a monstrous deception, they risk everything – their future, and her life – to right an old wrong and find the freedom she desperately craves.

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