The First Time

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This is from the unnamed sequel to Memories of a Slave. 

Enna is a slave.  No one has ever asked her if she wanted to have sex; it’s always been their right to take.  Then she meets Matias.

“Do you know what I see right now?” he asked.

“N-no.” Her voice had an uncharacteristic wobble.

“I see the most beautiful and sensual woman I’ve ever had the privilege of looking at, all stretched out before me.”  He stroked her cheek and brushed a strand of hair from her face.  “I see her shining eyes – eyes that have seen so much pain, and yet soften with love when they look at her daughter.  Her lips are lush and swollen from being kissed.  Her breasts are full and her nipples are tight.  Her skin reflects the  moonlight.  Her curves are full and soft.  Her hips invite my hands to grab and hold tight.  Her legs are quivering as though they long to be spread wide.  Her mound is swollen with need she doesn’t even realize she has. She has placed herself in my care and trusts me, and that knowledge, my dear, is what really makes me hard.”

Never in her life had she felt desired like this.  Never had she been aroused like this, with words.  Never had she hoped that anyone would part her thighs and plunge into her depths, which she knew would not hurt, but instead give the greatest of pleasures.

“Please,” she managed to get out in a whisper.  “Please take me.”

He wiped away the single tear that dripped from her eye.  

She spread her legs – the first time in her life she’d willingly spread them in invitation for any man.

 ~ ~ ~

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