She Doesn’t Trust Him

Greetings, Whipsters! I missed you all!

The next book in The Midrosian Slave Chronicles is due out this Saturday!

Matias Acoff is a soldier in the Deminian Army, an invading force on Midros. His job is to identify and set free all the slaves born on other planets and kidnapped to Midros.  He meets Enna, an escaped slave.  She was born on Midros, and not eligible to be freed. He’s hiding her from being being recaptured, but she doesn’t trust he is who he says he is.  

Matias is returning from getting food and she was close to escaping when he got back.

He put the bags down and crossed his arms as he leaned against a wall. “So how far do you think you’d get like that?” he asked casually, his eyes flicking to the ropes that still bound her wrists and ankles.

She looked at him, considering what kind of answer she wanted to give. She decided on the truth. “Probably not very far, but I’d hate myself for not trying.”

He nodded. “Fair answer.”

“You tie a good knot.”

“I’m a soldier. I’m good at shooting things, and tying other things up.” He grinned. “It’s not usually beautiful women, though. Usually it’s burly, sweaty guys. I have to say, you know a few good moves.” He rubbed his stomach. “And your elbow is sharp.”

She quashed the impulse to grin. “Thank you. So, what are you going to do with me next?”

“Feed you.”

“Feed me? I’m not hungry, and I can feed myself!”

“I saw the way you looked at my bags of food, so don’t try to pretend. And I’m not letting your arms go. You’re dangerous.”

“Fuck you!”

“Maybe after dinner. Come on.” He grabbed her elbow and forced her into the living room. “Sit.”

She glared at him.

He shook his head. “Are you always this difficult?” He moved behind her and knocked his knees into the back of hers. As she collapsed he eased her to a sitting position on the floor, with her back against a wall.


“Fuck you!” she declared again.

He shook his head. “I told you we’d consider that later. Do you know any other responses?”

“How about ‘go to hell’?”

“Different, but not very original.”

“What do you want from me?”

He sighed as he slid down the wall to join her on the floor. “Honestly? I’d like to figure out a way to get you free. And fix your hand.” He opened up some of the bags he’d brought as she stared at him, trying to understand what his angle was. She knew what to expect when someone was cruel. She knew how to respond to someone’s neglect. She had no idea what to do with something that sounded like kindness.

And she sure as hell didn’t trust it.



 Did you miss Book 1 Memories of a Slave?
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Get your copy and see what happens when Lydia, a slave from birth with a huge secret, meets James, a man who has no intention of renting a slave on this strange planet he’s visiting.
 ” …an emotional, heart-wrenching, spine-tingling tale. ”
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