Disrespect Must be Corrected

Midrosian Chronicles, punishment, Tears

Hello my lovely readers! I have a juicy excerpt from Tears – Book 3 of the Midrosian Chronicles.  It’s the story of Parin, a free woman, who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ends up a slave to Mercer, the man who rescued her from an even worse fate.

 In this scene, she’s still learning what being a slave means, and he knows it’s hard, and that sometimes she’ll say things she shouldn’t.  He’s giving her a punishment blowjob to help her remember her place.

He pulled out and she coughed hard.
“Look at me! Who owns this mouth? Is it you?”
There was silence.  He tightened his hand in her hair, knowing she needed an incentive to answer.
“Ow!  No, sir, it isn’t me!”
He didn’t release his grip. “And what is the most important thing it can do?”  This would be an even harder question for her.
There was silence for a long moment before she answered.
“Open wide for you to fuck.”
He winced as she spoke the phrase he’d taught her. The crude, whispered words contrasted with the soft pink fullness of her lips – lips he longed to crush against his, and kiss until they were both breathless.
“And what did you use it for just now?”
Her lips were trembling as she stared at him and the tears flowed down her cheeks.  “To speak disrespectful words.”
“That’s right.  So I’m going to remind you of your mouth’s true purpose. Let’s get this over with.”


 Short and sweet!  Well, not so sweet. But a slave must learn her place, right?


Tears will be coming out early in the year.  No date yet.

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They’re available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Blushing Books

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