Sari Meets her Dom, in “Stripped”

Sari and Adam have just been paired up by the roulette wheel…

Before she could reply, he pressed on her back to guide her away from the roulette wheel and towards the back of the stage where several couples waited. A few had left the stage already. As she walked in front of him, he snagged her wrists and pulled them behind her back, holding them gently but securely in his hands. She shivered as he turned her around to face out into the audience, his hands still holding hers captive.

“Still scared?” His voice in her ear made her jump.

“Yes, sir,” she whispered. “A little more now than before, to be honest.” She kept her eyes glued on the emcee, trying to calm the roiling sea her stomach had become.

“Good. But you didn’t answer my second question.”

She struggled to remember what questions he’d asked. They’d barely had two minutes together and she’d missed something else?

She felt his soft breath on the nape of her neck. It tickled, and she hitched her shoulder up and tried to pull away.

“No. Stay right there. Don’t move, and don’t make a sound.”

She drew in her breath and struggled to relax. He didn’t move, but breathed in and out, the air drifting against the skin of her neck and and driving her out of her mind. Her wrists tugged in a futile effort to bring her hands up to rub away the tickle, and in response he gripped them even tighter. And, predictably, the junction between her legs developed an ache that seemed to steal all the blood from her brain.

Being up here on stage, mildly restrained, with all those people looking at her – she suddenly had the feeling of being on an auction block …a slave, just sold to the highest bidder, facing an unknown future. Would her new master be harsh, or kind? Demanding? Just? No matter; she’d have no choice but to obey…

She had a rich and full fantasy life, that was for sure. She shivered again, bringing herself back to the present.

“Is it my breath that causes you to shiver? Or some fantasy you see in your mind?”

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