Sari Faces the Whip – on WIP It Up Wednesday

It’s another Wednesday, and that means only 3 days until the weekend!  It also means another tasty tidbit of a Work In Progress.  It’s only a WIP for another 2 days, though, because on Friday, the amazing Black Light: Valentine Roulette anthology will be out!

Three hours, Four hard limits, Eight sexy stories –
Are You Brave Enough to Spin the Wheel?

~ ~ ~

Adam has Sari tied to the St. Andrew’s Cross. The first four strikes of the whip were almost unbearable…

“Please, stop!” she cried. The fifth blow didn’t fall.

“The safeword is red, Sari.”

“I know! Please, please stop!” She hoped he realized that she had to plead and beg, to give voice to the anguish she was suffering. He must have understood, because the fifth blow fell and she cried out long and loud.

“All right, Sari, you’re doing fine.”

She didn’t feel fine. She was lost in a world of pain. Subspace, the place where she was relaxed and experiencing pain as pleasure, always eluded her when it came to intense pain like this. This was simply endurance, for the sake of pleasing her master. That reason alone was enough to make her push through, though her safeword sprang to her lips as the sixth strike fell.

“Good girl, Sari. Two more and we’ll be done. Can you do it?”

Can she?

Renee Rose, Measha Stone, Maren Smith, Jennifer Bene,
Livia Grant, Lee Savino, Addison Cain, and Sophie Kisker

for one special Valentine’s Day evening, where the only hard limit for you is your imagination…


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