Liz Learns a Harsh Lesson

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This is from Odyssey: Finding Home Book 1, and it’s on sale for just 99 cents through Wednesday only!

In this capture fantasy, Liz is learning a painful lesson about what she can and can’t say.

Ryan pulled up a stool in front of them. “Liz, do you understand why I’m doing this?”

She hung her head. “I argued with you six times after you told me not to, and8782-beltd I made fun of you when you were tormenting me. I really am sorry, Sir.”

He pulled out a short black leather strap that made her stomach churn. She turned around and placed her hands in Ann’s. The first blow landed and she leaped up as her hands flew around to the back to rub the spot while she did a spectacular dance, howling with pain. At his frown, she caught herself and bent over again.

A moment later number two fell; she let out a long low cry while she crushed Ann’s hands and stamped her feet. Number three landed and she shook but held still. Number four made her knees buckle as she yelled and begged him to let her have a few minutes reprieve to catch her breath, but number five came down right on schedule and she somehow managed to only lift her head up and cry out. By this time she was steadily chanting “I can’t I can’t I can’t”, but it was obvious she was going to, because numbers six, seven, eight, and nine landed one after the other and her mind went blank as she heaved sobs.

“Liz, why were we here tonight?” he asked again when the last one had fallen and her ass felt like embers in a fire.

“For my disrespect and arguing,” she answered quietly.

“And what lesson are you learning?”

“I’m learning to hold my tongue even when it seems like the only way I have to fight back.”

~ ~ ~

Captured – Afraid – Accepted – Betrayed – Loved
What would you do it you were torn away from your home, chosen by lottery to become a symbol of the defeat of your people? To be put on public display as proof of the power of your enemy?odyssey-new-cover-final-small

Liz Peltier becomes a pawn in an old political game that tears her world apart. Forced to serve  as a slave for the next two years on the estate of her captors, she struggles to accept her new life – a life of domination and submission, of pleasure and pain.

But when she starts to see that her captors may not be the bad guys after all, she grows to realize that her deepest fulfillment comes when she is on her knees. Should she fight these feelings? Or choose to embrace them? And when her world is torn apart once again, can she find the strength to fight back? Come along on Liz’s Odyssey: from fear to love, and from heartache to home.

This is a captive fantasy. It includes BDSM, spanking, anal play, orgasm control, punishments both fun and intense, and a whole lot of dominance and submission, wrapped around a really good story of political upheaval in a complex world. There are bad guys who do really bad things. Please don’t buy this book if those topics make you uncomfortable. (But if you like books with warning labels, this is definitely one for you!)

There’s also a really hot Master who doesn’t know a good thing when she’s standing right in front of him!

Odyssey is a stand-alone book with a HFN ending. But if you crave HEAs, continue on to Book 2!

Odyssey is available on Amazon for only 99 cents through Wednesday.
Don’t miss it!
~ ~ ~
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