Punishment Restores the Balance

Midrosian Chronicles, punishment, Tears

From “Tears (of a Slave)”  I’m having fun posting teasers!

Continuing their discussion of punishments after Mercer spanked Parin at the dinner table:

“I don’t want to be punished!”

He smiled at her much like a tolerant parent with a naughty child. “No slave is ever perfect. Punishment reinforces what you did wrong, and gives you the incentive to correct your behavior.”

“But – but – where I come from, when I make a mistake, i apologize, and try to do better next time. You don’t have to punish me!”

“But I’m going to make you do things you don’t want to do. And when you rebel, having to apologize isn’t enough to give you the incentive to change your mind. Punishment – usually painful, and always unpleasant – restores the balance that gets upset when you decide that your will is more important than mine.”


I think that’s my new favorite explanation of why slaves must be punished. 

Rocks and Hard Places


From “Tears (of a Slave) – Midrosian Chronicles Book 3″ – the book that has taken me nine months to write!  I’m doing final edits now, so look for it to be out late summer!

Parin tried to run away.  It didn’t work.  Now she has to make a decision:

“What do I have to do if I stay here?”

He looked at her incredulously. “I’m saving you from my father and everything he’d do to you as a runaway slave, and you want to negotiate?”

“No, I want to know if staying with you is better than killing myself.”

He let out a breath as he dropped into a chair. “All right. Fair enough.” He thought. He hadn’t planned to own a slave.  What would she do? “You’d cook and clean, and… do whatever else I wanted you to do.”

“Would you expect me to have sex with you?”

He furrowed his brow. “I don’t usually have sex with a slave; I use a slave for sex.”

She understood the difference. “Would I be safer here than at your father’s?”

He raised his eyebrows. “Yes. Considerably.”

“All right.”

He nodded and stood, a little confused at how he’d let himself be manipulated into bargaining with a slave. “I’ll be back in a little bit.”

“I have to pee.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Hold it.”

Stay tuned – more excerpts to come!

A Lesson in Darkness and Despair


I wrote this for a scene in an upcoming book (yes, I’m still working on Tears, I promise!!) and it’s ended up being too long, but it was a movie running in my head so I had to get it down.

*It’s unedited, it’s very harsh, and it’s most certainly not romantic.  Whether it’s erotic is for you to decide in your own perverted mind 😉

I’m not going to give a lot of background because I don’t want to reveal the story yet. The one thing to know is that Alexa was sent to Livvi’s room to help her bathe soon after she was kidnapped. Livvi wasn’t supposed to talk to her, but she did, and the sentences below are what she said to Alexa. The story is from Livvi’s POV.

~ ~ ~

The door opened a few minutes later and Jack walked in. I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be on my knees and I struggled to get there from my position on the floor. I needn’t have bothered. He grabbed my arm and hauled me to my feet.

“Two simple rules! You couldn’t even obey two rules!” He dragged me out of the room and down the hall in the opposite direction of the stairs. A cry of pain came from a door down the hall, and he dragged me towards it. The sight that greeted me as I entered made my knees give way. This time I sank down into a kneel, and I stayed there.

Alexa was stripped naked except for her red satin corset. Her arms were pulled tight over her head, and her feet were almost off the ground. Her breasts hung out over the top of the corset. She looked up at me as I entered and to my horror I saw the outline of a hand print on one side of her face. A thin trickle of blood ran from her lip down her chin, and had dripped onto her breast.

J.S. stood next to her, holding a long thin stick. A cane. A sick dread came over me. Jack abruptly loosened my cuffed wrists and thrust a paper into my hands. I looked down and recognized the words I’d uttered to Alexa. I looked back up in confusion.

“You were told not to talk to her.” J.S.’s voice was cold and flat. “You did anyway. Now she’s going to be punished for your disobedience.”

No! No! The world went a little hazy and I swayed. Jack gripped my shoulder from his position behind me. I wasn’t sure if the gesture was meant to be comforting, but it helped.

J.S. pointed the cane towards me. “Read the first sentence.”

I looked back at the paper. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out. I tried and stopped, but the horror of the situation was overwhelming me.

“Read that sentence, or I’ll just cane her until you start.”

I took a deep breath. “ ‘Can’t I take this fucking collar off even to shower?’ ”

“Number of words?”

My eyes widened and it took me three tries to count. Even then my voice cracked. “Ten, sir.”

“Count each one out loud.” Without waiting, he pulled the cane back and whipped it towards Alexa. There was a snapping sound as it hit, and a moment later she hissed and went rigid. And a moment after that, a bright reddish-purple line became visible on the skin of her butt. My hands shook so hard I almost dropped the paper.

“Count?” J.S. demanded.

“One – one, sir.”

A second strike landed just below the first, and she hissed and whined and shook in her bonds.


A third strike drew a cry out of her. “Three,” I whispered. Tears started up again. This was my fault. I had disobeyed, and she was being punished. It was so unfair.

On it went, until at last the tenth had landed. She was crying out loudly at each blow, and her whole body shook as it tried to cope with the pain. I held on to desperate hope that it was over now, but I knew it wouldn’t be.

“Next sentence!”

Alexa whimpered.

“ ‘I’ll talk to whoever I fucking want to talk to. So, are you going to take this collar off of me?’ ” This time the word count was twenty one. He struck her hard, right below the curve of the cheeks. She screamed. I was so distraught I didn’t give the count.

He pulled back and hit her again. “None of these count, until you give me the number!”

I shook my head, trying to clear it enough to remember. “One!”

By the end of the second sentence, the backs of her legs were striped and she was begging and pleading, her feet scrabbling for a better purchase on the carpet. I was crying, too.

“Next sentence.”

“Please,” I whispered, “Please stop! I’m sorry! I’m so so sorry!”

“Next sentence and word count!”

“ ‘That sounds like a great idea. Come with me. You hate this place, too.’ ” I said the words in a soft monotone. “Fourteen.” Dear God why did I say so much to her?

“Alexa!” the devil incarnate addressed her. She forced her eyes open. “Do you really hate it here?”

Her eyes darted over to mine, then back to his. “No, sir,” she whispered. “I don’t hate it here. I love it here.”

“See?” He turned to me. “She loves it here.” He turned back around and in one smooth motion sent the cane crashing into her butt with the hardest force yet. She screamed long and loud.

“One!” I screamed also, my hands over my ears, the paper crushed between. “Stop it! Please! I’m sorry I spoke! Please don’t punish her any more! Please punish me instead!” I couldn’t believe the words out of my mouth, but neither could I just kneel here and listen to this torture.

There was silence for a moment, broken only by Alexa’s quiet sobbing.

“You think you deserve to be punished instead? Because you said the words?”

I nodded silently, staring at the carpet.

“Perhaps that is the fair way to do it. But as it happens, I love punishing Alexa. Her screams are like music to me. So I’m going to continue to punish her. And if you object one more time, I’ll start from the beginning.”

A cold horror rolled over me. I threw my head up to look at him and shook it frantically. “No, sir, I’ll keep counting!”

He smile that same rictus smile that he’d shown last night. “Let’s keep going.” He resumed the strikes and I called out each one through my sobs. Alexa’s screams rose and fell as the lines across her ass and legs merged into a solid mass of angry redness, punctuated here and there with a thin trickle of blood.

The next sentence was nine words. I’d just called it out with the word count when he walked around to face Alexa. Her head was hanging low and I’m sure her eyes were closed and she didn’t show she was aware he was there. He raised the cane and I started to scream out a warning when one of Jack’s hands suddenly covered my mouth and the other pinched my nose shut, effectively cutting off any sound at all. The cane landed across Alexa’s nipples and she threw back her head and screamed.  It was the loudest yet.

Jack’s hand was still over my mouth when he leaned down next to me. “Count. Just count. Nothing else.” I nodded and he released me.

“One.” It was hardly audible. I was going to throw up.

It seemed the rest of the punishment was going to be directed at her breasts. But her head hung so low now and her disheveled hair was getting in the way.  J.S. signaled to Jack, who stepped out from behind me and walked up behind Alexa. With one hand he gathered her hair and pulled it back. She struggled feebly but he held it tight, pulling her chin high and clear of the target. And now J.S. struck almost as fast as I could count. She was gasping and choking by the end.

At last, there were only two words left. I said one, then the other, and he laid the last of the eleven lines across her breasts. She was almost unconscious. My tear-filled gaze turned for a moment on Jack, still holding her hair. His other hand, the one closest to me, was hanging straight down and tightly clenched. As he let go of her hair, he relaxed it, then flexed it a few times and I caught a glimpse of the palm. A glimpse of the gouges in it where his fingers had clenched so tight the skin was broken in several places. I looked up at his face. He was trying to appear relaxed, but there was a vein throbbing in his temple that I’d only seen a few times while we were married. Times when he was incredibly upset about something. I stared at it until he turned to me, when I dropped my eyes.

“It’s over. Come on.” He pulled me up to my feet and towards the door.

“Master, what about Alexa?”

“She’ll be taken care of.” His voice didn’t sound as harsh as before, and strangely, I believed him.

~ ~ ~

Liz Learns a Harsh Lesson

Finding Home, nonconsent, Odyssey, punishment, Sat Spanks, Slave

Welcome back to Sat Spanks!

This is from Odyssey: Finding Home Book 1, and it’s on sale for just 99 cents through Wednesday only!

In this capture fantasy, Liz is learning a painful lesson about what she can and can’t say.

Ryan pulled up a stool in front of them. “Liz, do you understand why I’m doing this?”

She hung her head. “I argued with you six times after you told me not to, and8782-beltd I made fun of you when you were tormenting me. I really am sorry, Sir.”

He pulled out a short black leather strap that made her stomach churn. She turned around and placed her hands in Ann’s. The first blow landed and she leaped up as her hands flew around to the back to rub the spot while she did a spectacular dance, howling with pain. At his frown, she caught herself and bent over again.

A moment later number two fell; she let out a long low cry while she crushed Ann’s hands and stamped her feet. Number three landed and she shook but held still. Number four made her knees buckle as she yelled and begged him to let her have a few minutes reprieve to catch her breath, but number five came down right on schedule and she somehow managed to only lift her head up and cry out. By this time she was steadily chanting “I can’t I can’t I can’t”, but it was obvious she was going to, because numbers six, seven, eight, and nine landed one after the other and her mind went blank as she heaved sobs.

“Liz, why were we here tonight?” he asked again when the last one had fallen and her ass felt like embers in a fire.

“For my disrespect and arguing,” she answered quietly.

“And what lesson are you learning?”

“I’m learning to hold my tongue even when it seems like the only way I have to fight back.”

~ ~ ~

Captured – Afraid – Accepted – Betrayed – Loved
What would you do it you were torn away from your home, chosen by lottery to become a symbol of the defeat of your people? To be put on public display as proof of the power of your enemy?odyssey-new-cover-final-small

Liz Peltier becomes a pawn in an old political game that tears her world apart. Forced to serve  as a slave for the next two years on the estate of her captors, she struggles to accept her new life – a life of domination and submission, of pleasure and pain.

But when she starts to see that her captors may not be the bad guys after all, she grows to realize that her deepest fulfillment comes when she is on her knees. Should she fight these feelings? Or choose to embrace them? And when her world is torn apart once again, can she find the strength to fight back? Come along on Liz’s Odyssey: from fear to love, and from heartache to home.

This is a captive fantasy. It includes BDSM, spanking, anal play, orgasm control, punishments both fun and intense, and a whole lot of dominance and submission, wrapped around a really good story of political upheaval in a complex world. There are bad guys who do really bad things. Please don’t buy this book if those topics make you uncomfortable. (But if you like books with warning labels, this is definitely one for you!)

There’s also a really hot Master who doesn’t know a good thing when she’s standing right in front of him!

Odyssey is a stand-alone book with a HFN ending. But if you crave HEAs, continue on to Book 2!

Odyssey is available on Amazon for only 99 cents through Wednesday.
Don’t miss it!
~ ~ ~
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Sari Faces the Whip – on WIP It Up Wednesday

Black Light, Stripped, WIP It Up Wednesday

It’s another Wednesday, and that means only 3 days until the weekend!  It also means another tasty tidbit of a Work In Progress.  It’s only a WIP for another 2 days, though, because on Friday, the amazing Black Light: Valentine Roulette anthology will be out!

Three hours, Four hard limits, Eight sexy stories –
Are You Brave Enough to Spin the Wheel?

~ ~ ~

Adam has Sari tied to the St. Andrew’s Cross. The first four strikes of the whip were almost unbearable…

“Please, stop!” she cried. The fifth blow didn’t fall.

“The safeword is red, Sari.”

“I know! Please, please stop!” She hoped he realized that she had to plead and beg, to give voice to the anguish she was suffering. He must have understood, because the fifth blow fell and she cried out long and loud.

“All right, Sari, you’re doing fine.”

She didn’t feel fine. She was lost in a world of pain. Subspace, the place where she was relaxed and experiencing pain as pleasure, always eluded her when it came to intense pain like this. This was simply endurance, for the sake of pleasing her master. That reason alone was enough to make her push through, though her safeword sprang to her lips as the sixth strike fell.

“Good girl, Sari. Two more and we’ll be done. Can you do it?”

Can she?

Renee Rose, Measha Stone, Maren Smith, Jennifer Bene,
Livia Grant, Lee Savino, Addison Cain, and Sophie Kisker

for one special Valentine’s Day evening, where the only hard limit for you is your imagination…


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